Reading Between The Lines
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We are always being told to read something.

"Read the fine print."

"Please read the safety instruction manual in the seat back in front of you."

"Extra! Extra! Read all about it!"

"Read the new bestselling book from author John Grisham."

"Read the directions."

"I read you loud and clear."

"Click here to read more."

"Read the label before opening."

"Read to Achieve" (wait, that last one isn't bad).

Well, I was never much of a reader. I was a Cliff's Notes kind of student in school, choosing pictures over articles in magazines and deleting any email messages with more than two sentences. I certainly never took the time to interpret or analyze what I was reading because most of it is not worth the time to stop and think about it.

Have you ever really asked why we should be reading so much of the useless drivel out there for public consumption? Reading the fine print is a waste of time because if it was so important, they would make it bigger in the first place, right? Reading airline safety manuals is superfluous because when have you ever actually heard of a water landing. And who actually reads directions or instruction manuals?

But over time, I grew to appreciate the importance of the written word. So much so that it became my job. Yet I still find myself wondering if there isn't more to reading than meets the eye.

That is why I prefer to read between the lines.

Reading between the lines allows us to understand the real meaning of something said or written. It is an acquired skill enabling us to interpret significance, often implied or hidden, through further examination and observation (For those not as adept, I use parentheses to make it easier to see what is being said or thought between those lines).

Basketball is also a game that takes place between the lines. It is fast-paced commotion with bodies moving in all directions and colliding with athletic precision. As fans and observers, we often do not notice all that is going on away from the ball - the cuts, screens, rotations, switches, etc. - or look at the bigger picture.

My goal is to help you to read between the lines (while doing some good, fun reading in the process). Whether it is NBA, WNBA or D-League action, we also have a tendency to get lost amidst the bigger stories, distracted by the final result. It often requires reading between the lines to truly appreciate why a team won or lost, and that is what I like to do most.

So what else do I like?

I like studying cause and effect. I like riddles. I like to ask questions. I like knowing more than people and making them feel bad about it. I like digging. I like crisp chest passes and half-court shots at the buzzer. I like proving people wrong using facts, numbers and statistics. I like getting my hands dirty. And I like good grammar.

What, then, don't I like?

I do not like get tricked. I do not like accepting things at face value. I do not like fair-weather fans. I do not like people who stand to the left on escalators. I do not like players who call time out when falling out of bounds. I don't like resting on my laurels and I don't like short cuts.

And, yes, that is why I'd like to go back and read all of the books that I (was supposed to) read in and high school.