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With too many games to watch each night, there is not enough time to actually write about them.

Ad Libbing Our Way Through Round One

Instructions: Has the first week of the NBA Playoffs left you as fatigued and drained as it has left me? My entire body is aching and burning from trying to watch too much, too soon (like when I got back on the treadmill for the first time in a few years and tried to run five miles). Since it's been so long since I've watched playoff basketball of this intensity (10 months, give or take), I'm obviously out of shape and my ability to cover the games and write something compelling and funny has atrophied. So I'm mailing this one in and letting you do the work for me. Remember Mad Libs? This will work just like that... so simply print out this page, grab a friend and fill in the blank spaces below to help you learn about this first week of the postseason.

NEW YORK, ____(Today's Date)____ -- As the ____(flower)____s blossom up and down the streets of places like ____(American city)____ and ____(another American city)____, the NBA Playoffs are also back in full bloom.The weather has been ____(adjective)____ across the country this week, but the most ____(adjective)____ of NBA fans have been staying inside despite the constant nagging of their ____(family member)____ or ____(domesticated animal)____.

And what a ____(adjective)____ week it has been so far thanks to the ____(adjective)____ play of ____(NBA superstar)____ and fellow All-Star ____(different NBA superstar)____. They have certainly done their part to ____(verb)____ to the occasion since the series began.

Last night was no different as ____(NBA team)____ edged ____(different NBA team)____ to go up ____(number)____ games to ____(smaller number)____ in the best-of-seven series. Behind the efforts of its star, the home team looked ____(adjective)____ while the road team played without ____(noun)____. He finished with ____(number)____ points and ____(smaller number)____ rebounds. What has been even more ____(adjective)____ is the fact that he was able to ____(verb)____ at such a high level despite the ongoing effects of a lingering injury to his ____( body part)____. The only word suitable to describe his play was ____(adjective)____.

Of course, this is nothing new. He did miss ____(number)____ games over the ____(time frame)____ with sprains in both ____( body part)____s. But he continues to ____(verb)____. As for the next game, there is no question that the ____(adjective)____ ____(noun)____ will be ready to ____(verb)____.

"This is the postseason," he said. "Any top ____(noun)____ making ____(number)____ dollars a year should be able to withstand the pain and be able to ____(verb)____ without ____(noun)____ at this point. This is what it's all about."

Bench play was another factor as the second team poured in a ____(adjective)____ performance. The reserves shot a whopping ____(number)____ percent from the ____(noun)____. This should give local fans something else to ____(verb)____ about. It had been a ____(adjective)____ ____(noun)____ for many of the lesser-used ____(noun)____s, whose overall playing time and productivity had been steadily declining since ____(Holiday)____.

Playing With ____(Noun)____

Elsewhere, in ____(American city)____ last night, it all came down to the final ____(noun)____ in a great game that evened the series at ____(number)____ apiece . After struggling a bit on ____(day of the week)____ night, the team's leading ____(noun)____ returned to regular season form and had one of his most ____(adjective)____ games of the year. Instead of becoming ____(adjective)____, the ____(small town in Indiana)____ native instead decided to engage the opposition and dominate the ____(noun)____. He ____(verb)____ed down the stretch like an ____(animal)____ devouring a ____(noun)____. He flat out could not be ____(verb)____ed.

"Ever since losing in the Playoffs in ____(year)____, I've been playing with a ____(noun)____ and am more determined than ever to ____(verb)____," last night's hero said. "This was really a team effort and I feel a real sense of ____(emotion)____ with how everyone came together.

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But this game was about more than just the ____(adjective)____ efforts of one ____(noun)____. According to The ____(major newspaper)____, it was quite clear which team was more ____(adjective)____ prior to the start of the game and who was not ready to ____(verb)____. Despite their status as ____(preposition)____dogs coming into the series, no one would be surprised if the favorites went ____(direction)____ prematurely.

The ____(Adjective)____ Game

Meanwhile, last night's final game did not tip off in ____(West coast city)____ until long after most ____(noun)____s in the East had finished ____(verb)____ing for the night. For those who were awake, they were treated to an show that was better than ____(movie)____ or ____(Broadway show)____. Of course, it didn't start out that way and ended up being a tale of two ____(noun)____s . In the first half, both teams really came out ____(adjective)____. They combined to hit only ____(number)____ 3-pointers while turning the ____(round object)____ over nearly double that number.

"That was just ugly," one player said to television interviewer ____(Season)____ ____(Type of precipitation)____ at halftime. "I mean, I have ____(noun)____s that are way prettier than that."

But it was a different story in the second half neither team did a very good job of ____(verb)____ing the ____(noun)____.

"Nothing seemed to go our way,'' the losing coach admitted after the ____(noun)____. "Hopefully, it will ____(verb)____a ____(noun)____ under us.''

The next game of the series will take place on ____(day of the week)____ at ____(number smaller than 13)____ o'clock p.m. ET on the ____(letter)____ ____(letter)____ ____(letter)____ network. Be sure to tune in then for Game ____(number)____.

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