SECAUCUS, N.J., Feb. 26 -- It may not have been the best ever, but it was pretty darn impressive.

With 32 points in a winning effort against the Clippers Tuesday night, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant saw his 40-plus scoring streak end at nine games. Kobe fell five games shy of the all-time record, held by Wilt Chamberlain, who scored 40-plus in 14-straight games twice during the 1961-62 season. Kobe tied the mark held by Michael Jordan, who scored 40-plus in nine straight in the 1986-87 season.

Here's a closer look at Kobe's 40-plus streak that ran from Feb. 6-23:


Feb. 6 -- Lakers 114, Knicks 109 | Box score
Line: 46 pts., 6 reb., 3 asst., 17-27 FG's, 4-4 3P's, 8-11 FT's, +39 Eff.
Skinny: Kobe and Shaq combine for 79; hold off late Knicks rally in NY
Quotable: "He was in a zone. We couldn't contain him. We tried to keep two on him, just to keep him from penetrating. He was splitting us and going by us. We were very reluctant to really challenge him."
--Knicks coach Don Chaney
Highlights: Dunk of the year? Reverse at the Garden


Feb. 11 -- Lakers 121, Nuggets 93 | Box score
Line: 42 pts., 2 reb., 5 asst., 4 stl., 12-20 FG's, 1-3 3P's, 17-21 FT's, +40 Eff.
Skinny: Kobe makes as many FT's as Nuggets attempt; Lakers cruise
Quotable: "Kobe did what Kobe's been doing, he's feeling it. If I knew (how to stop him), then he wouldn't have had 40 points or whatever he had tonight. He's a great player and he's in a great rhythm right now."
--Nuggets guard Chris Whitney
Highlights: Amazing around-the-back reverse on the break


Feb. 12 -- Lakers 113, Nuggets 102 | Box score
Line: 51 pts., 3 reb., 2 asst., 15-28 FG's, 3-8 3P's, 18-20 FT's, +43 Eff.
Skinny: Kobe scores 51 in just 31 minutes; Lakers cruise at home
Quotable: "He goes about his business. He does not talk out there. We tried different things on him tonight, but he was so hot that it was hard to contain him."
--Nuggets rookie Vincent Yarbrough
Highlights: Kobe says flair comes from mom in interview


Feb. 14 -- Spurs 103, Lakers 95 | Box score
Line: 44 pts., 6 reb., 4 asst., 4 stl., 19-41 FG's, 2-3 3P's, 4-6 FT's, +29 Eff.
Skinny: Kobe's 44 isn't enough to top red-hot Spurs
Quotable: "If I had to pick somebody, I would have to say Kobe is my MVP, the way he is playing right now. Bruce (Bowen) did a great job on him, made him take a lot of tough shots and just stayed with him and took the challenge."
--Spurs swingman Stephen Jackson


Feb. 16 -- Knicks 117, Lakers 110 | Box score
Line: 40 pts., 4 reb., 5 asst., 14-31 FG's, 3-5 3P's, 9-10 FT's, +30 Eff.
Skinny: Kobe has 40, but Houston's 53 leads N.Y. over Shaq-less Lakers
Quotable: "There's no stopping Kobe. We felt like we played pretty good defense but he still got 40 down the stretch. The way he's shooting the ball, he's just incredible."
--Knicks forward Latrell Sprewell


Feb. 18 -- Lakers 106, Rockets 99 | Box score
Line: 52 pts., 8 reb., 7 asst., 3 blk., 19-38 FG's, 3-9 3P's, 11-11 FT's, +46 Eff.
Skinny: No Shaq-Yao II, but Kobe crushes in double-OT classic
Quotable: "He's phenomenal. We tried a lot of different things on him. He was just phenomenal. He's been doing it all along. He's playing so good, it's sickening."
--Rockets coach Rudy Tomjanovich, Houston Chronicle
Highlights: One "big" dunk over Yao


Feb. 19 -- Lakers 93, Jazz 87 | Box score
Line: 40 pts., 6 reb., 1 asst., 15-29 FG's, 4-6 3P's, 6-9 FT's, +29 Eff.
Skinny: Kobe matches combined output of Stockton, Malone
Quotable: "When you get in tough situations, he knows how to make tough shots. He's a terrific shooter. This guy is as good as there is in the game right now on the short clock."
--Jazz coach Jerry Sloan, Deseret News


Feb. 21 -- Lakers 92, Blazers 84 | Box score
Line: 40 pts., 7 reb., 1 asst., 15-32 FG's, 3-7 3P's, 7-9 FT's, +26 Eff.
Skinny: Kobe reaches 40-point plateau with nine seconds left in game
Quotable: "Everyone had their hands in Kobe's face. My momma had a hand in his face and he still hit it. Kobe is playing at an unbelievable level and hitting shots. I feel like I am an all-right defender and Ruben (Patterson) is an all-right defender, and he still made us feel like we were no defenders."
--Blazers guard Bonzi Wells


Feb. 23 -- Lakers 106, Sonics 101 | Box score
Line: 41 pts., 5 reb., 3 asst., 13-34 FG's, 1-6 3P's, 14-16 FT's, +32 Eff.
Skinny: Kobe hits free throws in final minute to break 40
Quotable: "He's taking all his shots and making most of them. He's putting together a good streak. As long as we keep winning like that, it's fine."
--Shaquille O'Neal

Kobe's averages over the nine games: 44.0 ppg, 5.2 rpg, 3.4 apg, 2.56 spg, +34.8 Efficiency Rating
Kobe would have had to extend his 40-plus streak to 15 games to move into first place on the all-time list (Chamberlain reached 14 games twice during the 1961-62 season)
Kobe would have had to extend his 40-plus streak to 11 games to move into third place on the all-time list (Chamberlain reached 10 games during the 1962-63 season)
Kobe is tied for fourth place on the all-time list (Jordan reached nine games in 1986)