No, the Slam Dunk and Skills competitions at NBA All-Star 2005 aren’t the only showcases featuring the greatest moves of today’s players. The latest NBA Street Series’ releases, Ankle Breakers 2 and Dunks! 2 also pay homage to the league’s most dazzling performers

Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony didn’t need to be asked twice. Heck, the question wasn’t even fully posed when both emphatically answered.

“Tim Hardaway.”

“The best crossover ever,” said Wade. “He had a wicked crossover. He would come real fast, real quick and cross you over. It’s something I always wished I could do but could never do it, especially like Timmie.”

Anthony couldn’t resist chiming in.


The latest NBA Street Series Warner Home video release, Ankle Breakers 2 is in stores along with Dunks! 2.
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“Every time a defender got in front of him, they got their ankles broke. He was low to the ground, he was real quick with the ball and with his feet. No one could stay in front of him. No one.”

NBA opponents are finding it difficult staying in front of Anthony and Wade, two of the premier ankle breakers featured in the latest NBA Street Series Warner Home video release: Ankle Breakers 2, which debuted in stores nationally this week along with Dunks! 2.

“For me to be one of the people that they say has a great crossover means a lot to me because I grew watching guys like Tim do it,” said Wade.

So, Dwyane, what makes a good crossover move?

“The key to a good crossover dribble is to look at the defender and see which way he’s playing you and then try to get enough space in between you and him. Everyone in this game is at everyone’s mercy when it’s one on one.”

Spawned off the success of last year’s inaugural NBA Street Series releases: Ankle Breakers and Dunks, this year’s sequels once again offer fans an up close and personal look at the mesmerizing, heart-stopping, jaw-dropping moves of the NBA’s premier players.

LeBron James, Baron Davis and Paul Pierce are featured along with Anthony and Wade on Ankle Breakers 2, making their defenders look silly. Hosted by Common, the platinum recording artist debuts his top five ankle-breaking moves of all time and also highlights the great fourth-quarter duels.

While Ankle Breakers 2 showcases the NBA’s premier ballhandlers, Dunks! 2 highlight the league’s frequent flyers. Loaded with gravity-defying moves, Dunks! 2 showcases the talents of James, Kobe Bryant, Kenyon Martin and Steve Francis. Once again hosted by DJ Clue, the DVD includes the platinum recording artist’s top five dunks of all time plus the top 10 slams of 2004 and also features the 2000 Slam Dunk contest featuring Vince Carter’s breathtaking dunking extravaganza in Oakland.

“Vince has some wicked dunks,” said Shawn Marion of the Phoenix Suns. “You just don’t know what he’ll come up with next.”

Marion also elaborated on his other favorite dunkers.

“You know I love Amare’s dunking style. He’s all power. Kobe, he’s still dunking that thing. Shaq is Shaq, pure power and you can’t forget Desmond Mason, Jason Richardson and Richard Jefferson. Plus, you have the young, up and comers like Josh Smith.

“You’ll see plenty of power and finesse in the dunk contest.”

Just like in Dunks! 2 – a true in-your-face experience.