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2007 in Review

Happy New Year. It's 2008! Before I give my two cents on what to see in '08, I had to share my top picks and also those that left me wanting more. The year 2007 was a good one to watch movies. A lot of sleepers in my opinion, and some with interesting pairings of actors. (e.g. Wild Hogs was great! Did anyone see that coming?)

My list is based on the whole movie experience: For me, a movie needs to draw you in and keep you talking after you have left the theater. My bottom 10 is from walking in very excited and walking out not so thrilled that I just spent two-odd hours of my life looking at a screen showing underdeveloped characters or a weak plot. It's not that they were bad movies per se, but my expectations weren't met because I put a major emphasis on seeing those movies when they first came out. Whereas my top movie list includes not only some sleepers, but also great movies, that frankly, lived up to the hype. And a few surprises.

Here we go.

My Top Movies of 2007
(in no particular order)
  1. American Gangster
    Denzel nominated. Golden Globe baby. Love the soundtrack. Jay-Z is on top.
  2. 300
    Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Special effects changed movie making.
  3. Eastern Promises
    I was mesmerized by Viggo's performance.
  4. Superbad
    This was hilarious. A total movie-quote movie after the fact.
  5. Talk to Me
    Based on true story. Big Don Cheadle fan. Movie underrated.
  6. Transformers
    Lived up to the hype. A fave to watch with my teammates.
  7. No Country for Old Men
    The Coen Brothers delivered across the board. Great cast, great directing.
  8. Smokin Aces
    I went to the premiere (for Transformers too, actually). Alicia Keys is the bomb. Just a fun, fast-paced movie. Great cast.
  9. Knocked Up
    Everyone said to go see it. I was glad I did. Flat out funny and very real.
  10. Norbit
    Some critics bashed this flick. But I love Eddie Murphy ... in almost anything.
  11. Bridge to Terabithia
    I took my niece. Well produced. Good message about how friendship is important.
  12. Reign Over Me
    Again, underrated. Don and Adam -- great combo. I was moved and caught up in the story.
  13. 3:10 to Yuma
    My man Crowe. Loved it.
My Not-So-Top Movies of 2007
  1. Code Name: The Cleaner
    Considering the cast, this should have been much better.
  2. Who's Your Caddy?
    I know a lot of people that cross over into different groups (i.e. the street or the country club). This just didn't measure up.
  3. Evan Almighty
    Too much hype after the first movie with Carrey. Still love Carell.
  4. Lions for Lambs
    I am really into politics. And thrillers. I thought I would love this movie. Such a strong cast -- it just didn't work.
  5. The Number 23
    Carrey is still good, but this dragged on.
  6. Spider-Man 3
    Sometimes special effects aren't enough. Too many characters
  7. Zodiac
    This was based on a killer in San Fran. The book was better
  8. Rush Hour 3
    Just didn't live up to the hype of the first two.
  9. AVPR -- Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem
    The guys and I hit this on the road. Just OK.
  10. Alpha Dog
    Timberlake is really talented. Willis too. Just not enough of a story to keep me engaged.

I see 2008 promises to be a good year, too. On my short list right now is The Bucket List, There Will Be Blood (Daniel Day-Lewis!), Atonement and Charlie Wilson's War. And I'm still curious about The Kite Runner (because I'm reading the book). And don't forget -- my Boomscars are in the works!

Keep telling me what movies to go see. My gang doc (Made In America, directed by Stacy Peralta) is going to premiere at Sundance in a few weeks. Excited!