Gilbert Arenas, Wizards
Josh Childress, Hawks
Steve Francis, Magic
Devean George, Lakers
Ben Gordon, Bulls
Troy Hudson, Wolves
Jason Kidd, Nets
Corey Maggette, Clippers
Joel Przybilla, Trail Blazers
Jerry Stackhouse, Mavericks
Damon Stoudamire, Grizzlies
Nick Van Exel, Spurs
Mo Williams, Bucks

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By Martin C. Sumners

In the book, The Tao of the Jump Shot, John Fitzsimmons Mahoney (Introduction by NBA legend Bill Walton) extols the principles of Eastern philosophy through the skill of shooting a jump shot.

Mahoney explores Taoism and explains that to become a master of something - even the jump shot - one must perfect not only the technical side of the skill but the spiritual side as well.

We, in our own way, delve into the mystique of the free throw.

You may recall that Rick Barry, although one of the greatest free throw shooters of all-time was an ego-less practitioner. Barry eschewed macho bravado and shot the ball underhand.

Also, Karl Malone, who has attempted more free throws than any other player mouthed a prayer before each free throw.

The Art of the Free Throw looks at today's players (the artists) and we see many have tapped into some deep emotions to succeed at the charity stripe.

Steve Francis' routine stems from trying to stay connected to his late mother while Jason Kidd has a free throw habit that centers around his wife. There are others with a less sublime ritual but all have a method to their madness.

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