Welcome to the NBA.com Fantasy Basketball Hall of Fame. Prior to the start of the 2006-07 season, NBA.com assembled the Premier Fantasy Championship -- "The World's Most Competitive Fantasy Competition." It was a collection of some of the world's finest fantasy minds. The winner of this league would be the first person inducted into the Fantasy Basketball Hall of Fame. As general manager of the PFC Atlanta Hawks and eventual winner of the PFC, Yung-Ruey Yen takes that honor.

The second inductee was Yossi Tamari. Yossi finished with the highest combined rank for the 2007-08 NBA Stock Exchange and Pick One Challenge games.

We will be adding members in the future, but this group will remain elite. Invitation required.

Pick One/Stock Exchange
Username POC NBASE Total
1. yossi t * 64 5 69
2. hoopandhope 72 1 73
3. big panda 48 43 91
4. m164 80 42 122
5. goodmj02 58 76 134
6. Jon Loomer 72 90 162
* Winner
Ruey Yen Quick Facts
Age: 24
Induction Year: 2007
City/State: New Haven, CT (originally Taiwan)
Occupation: Graduate Student – Physics
Yale University – M.S. 2006, Physics
University of California – B.A. 2004, Physics
University of California – B.A. 2004, Math
Brentwood School – Class of 2000

Years Playing Fantasy Basketball: 7 years
Other Fantasy Sports Played:
Baseball, Football, Hockey and NCAA Football

Favorite NBA Team: Phoenix Suns
Favorite NBA Players: Elton Brand, Shawn Marion

Claim to Fame: Winner of Premier Fantasy Championship 2006-07

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Yossi Tamari Quick Facts
Age: 37
Induction Year: 2008
City/State/Country: Raanana, Israel
Occupation: CTO - BackFlip Software
Education: B.Sc. Computer Science, Technion, Israel

Years Playing Fantasy Basketball: 2 years
Other Fantasy Sports Played: None

Favorite NBA Team: LA Lakers (at the moment)
Favorite NBA Player: Steve Nash

Claim to Fame: Best Combined Rank for 2007-08 NBA Stock Exchange and Pick One Challenge fantasy games on NBA.com

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