Jan. 6 -- He is a King of Comedy. He has his own TV show on FOX. He's starred in more than 20 movies, including Ocean's 11, Ocean's 12 and Bad Santa. He's the voice that opens both of Kanye West's albums.

He's Bernie Mac.

But did you know Bernie is currently undefeated in the NBA Cares Celebrity Fantasy League? And that he's a die-hard Bulls fan? (Did you know that Ocean's 11 + Ocean's 12 = 23, and you know who wore 23 for the Bulls? Coincidence? We think not... OK, coincidence.) And that he's not quite sure who his opponent is this week?

Bernie Mac wants you ... to see him win the NBA Cares Celebrity Fantasy League.
Photo courtesy MacMan Enterprises
Learn all of that and more in our exclusive Q&A with Bernie.

1. As a kid growing up in Chicago did you ever dream of being undefeated in the NBA Cares Celebrity Fantasy league?
Bernie Mac:
"No, man I was a kid in 1957. The only fantasy was in your mind."

2. Are you going to lose? And if not, why not?
Bernie Mac:
"Well, fantasy is a different entity and if you pick your players the way I have chosen, you're going to do well. I won't display my strategy until the end of the season but it's not always the best players."

3. In 2001 you wrote a book titled: I Ain't Scared of You. Does that accurately describe your mind set in this league?
Bernie Mac:
"Yes, and my mind set in everything that I do. Fear is not one of my attributes."

4. Being undefeated as you are, you must spend hours managing your fantasy team. We've noticed on IMDB.com, that after a string of huge movies -- Ocean's 12, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle and Bad Santa -- you don't have any movies coming out in 2006. Our question is: Are you neglecting your career for your fantasy team?
Bernie Mac:
"I'm at an age now where I take my time. One thing at a time ..."

5. We know you could probably crush the Olsen twins, Hilary and Haylie Duff and maybe Frankie Muniz in a fantasy league, but do you think your Ocean's 11+12 counterparts -- Clooney, Cheadle and Damon -- would give you a run for your money?
Bernie Mac:
"They wouldn't give me a run for my money if I put my money in their pockets! And I dig those guys."

6. Why do you think Cedric the Entertainer, your fellow King of Comedy, is only 2-7 in the league? And does beating him make you funnier than he is?
Bernie Mac:
"It's not so much being funnier, it's just a matter of me being Michael Jordan and him being Scottie Pippen."

7. Do you even know who Bill Simmons is?
Bernie Mac:
"Hell no! Don't nobody even read his column but his relatives."

8. So far, which victory gave you the most pleasure?
Bernie Mac:
"I think the Kenny Smith victory, because Kenny was talking about how smart he was; not with just me but with everyone. So in the words of Pepe Le Pew: 'It gave me much ple-sure!'"

9. Since you're so good at fantasy hoops, which NBA team would you want to run and why?
Bernie Mac:
"If I had to run a team it would be the Chicago Bulls - my hometown. I would turn them into the winners they were accustomed to and once selecting the team it would be one that reflects my personality."

10. Finally, what advice would you give to future opponents in the NBA Cares Celebrity Fantasy League?
Bernie Mac:
"I have to charge you for this. If you want me to be an NBA consultant call 818-655-****.

"P.S. I'm a businessman first."