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Dunk HQ: Countdown of the best slams of 2018-19

Dunk HQ: Best slams of 2018-19

(April 15) — What’s more inevitable: Settling your tab on Tax Day or a Greek Freak unthinkable basketball feat?

Giannis Antetokounmpo once again left fans awestruck Sunday after taking off from the free-throw for a fast-break jam. Now, it’s one thing to do what trendsetters Dr. J and MJ did years ago in the Dunk Contest, an exhibition showcase. But when you pull off the famous soaring slam in game action — and in the playoffs, no less — this is special.

The free-throw line dunk breaks in at No. 1 and replaces another Giannis throwdown on the countdown that the Pistons also would soon like to forget.

* * *

1. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks | April 14 vs. Pistons

The list of things the Greek Freak can’t do on a basketball court is getting shorter and shorter.

2. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Team Giannis | Feb. 17 vs. Team LeBron

… And shorter …

3. Mario Hezonja, New York Knicks | Feb. 11 vs. Cavs

The narrative surrounding the Knicks is focused more on the future than it is on the present. If the Knicks’ franchise-record losing streak had them down in the dumps, this Hezonja pick-me-up seems to have helped morale for a brief moment.

4. Kevin Knox, New York Knicks | Feb. 13 vs. Philadelphia 76ers

It keeps getting better for the Knicks … and worse for Ben Simmons. Between facials in back-to-back games and proposed tutoring sessions, it was an eventful week for the Kia Rookie of the Year.

5. Terrence Ross, Orlando Magic | Feb. 14 vs. Hornets

Ross jumps back into the spotlight with a reverse slam reminiscent of one of Kobe Bryant’s highlight jams. Not a bad way to get fans ready for this year’s All-Star dunk battle.

6. Anthony Davis, New Orleans Pelicans | Oct. 26 vs. Nets

Just as Nets big man Jarrett Allen was letting us know that he’s here, Anthony Davis reminds us that he’s been doing this highlight thing for a while now. This thunderous poster also gives us the opportunity to introduce the Dunk HQ‘s “DJ Crew”. The “Don’t Jump Crew” is an exclusive club made up of players, like Davis, that defenders should avoid jumping with at all costs, lest something like this Brow Bomb should occur.

7. Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls | Nov. 12 vs. Mavs

The takeoff mark on this windmill may not mirror his out-of-this-world feat from 2016, but it’s definitely nothing to brush off, either. Do yourselves a favor and watch this in slow-mo for a perfect representation of poetry in motion.

8. Derrick Jones, Jr., Miami Heat | Oct. 20 vs. Hornets

If you’re an “NBA 2K19” gamer, you’re probably familiar with the trampolines in the cages. We could be wrong, but we don’t think American Airlines Arena has any of those built into their floor. Not that Derrick Jones, Jr. needs one or anything like that.

9. Donovan Mitchell, Utah Jazz | Nov. 7 vs. Mavs



Looks like Mitchell needs to find some space on his man cave wall …


10. Miles Bridges, Charlotte Hornets | Nov. 6 vs. Hawks


Flex on ’em, rook!


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