Draft day. It's every kid's dream come true. You have worked so hard for so long and the commissioner is about to call your name to be a part of something that so few people can ever achieve. What is that moment like? We asked several players to describe the process, the day and the moment that their name is called.

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Chris Paul - 2005: No. 4, New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets
It was one of the best feelings of my life. Being in New York City with my family. It was a dream come true. The other guys and I just talked about the expectations and knowing that you get to play basketball every day for the rest of your life, or as long as you can. You get to play basketball and take care of your family.

Advice: Don't wear anything to loud, nothing that will draw to much attention to you.

Charlie Villanueva - 2005: No. 7, Toronto Raptors
Going No. 7 wasn't a surprise to me, but it seemed to be a surprise to everyone else. I knew what I was capable of doing and I knew that I had an unbelievable workout for Toronto, so I really thought I had a good chance of going there.

I was really anxious to see who the commissioner was going to call. I had a good feeling and like two seconds before he called my name, my agent said "This is you." I didn't want to believe him at first. They had called him and he didn't really tell me anything until two seconds before they called my name. I didn't believe him and then they called my name and I was like "Wow." It was an unbelievable feeling.

I think I hugged my brother first. He was the closest one to me. Then I went right to my mom. To see the joy on her face was unbelievable. As I was walking up, I was just thinking "Make sure I don't trip on these stairs." I was just trying to get my footwork right. I didn't really hear all that talk from the analysts until I shook the commissioner's hand.

But what they said didn't ruin nothing for me. It was supposed to be my big day and it was. I just kind of brushed it off and I was just anxious to get on the court and prove myself.

Advice for the Raptors' No. 1 pick: Be ready to work hard, because this year, we're trying to make something big. We have all the pieces to the puzzle and we want to get this thing rolling and go to the playoffs. You gotta be prepared and ready to work hard. Don't let the No. 1 spot get to your head.

Sean May - 2005: No. 13, Charlotte Bobcatss
There were one or two teams ahead of 13 that I thought I may have a chance at. Orlando was one. L.A. was one because I really didn't know they were going to go with the high-school kid, Andrew Bynum and I had a pretty good workout there. I knew that if I didn't go at 13, I had a pretty good shot at 15, and if I didn't go at 15, it was going to be questionable where I was going to end up. I was just happy to be chosen where I was, especially to be back in Charlotte.

Devin Harris - 2004: No. 5, Washington Wizards
I was a little bit nervous because the team that I thought I was going to actually traded their pick away the morning of the draft. Lo and behold, I met with the Mavericks' psychologist and that was probably the biggest thing for me, just thinking about going to a team like the Mavericks at that point in time who had made the playoffs the last couple of years and had won 60 games.

Advice: It's going to be nerve-wracking, but hopefully, it works out for the best. Try to stay positive and you just gotta hope and pray that things work out for you.

Chris Bosh - 2003: No. 4, Toronto Raptors
The whole day was cool and you enjoy everything, but you kinda get starstruck when you see the stage and when you see Commissioner Stern come out. I got very starstruck and very nervous.

With LeBron and Carmelo, I think everybody else in the draft felt like they were under the radar. The draft pretty much had its set picks at one through three and the spotlight was on a couple of guys.

My deal was that I just wanted to get drafted. That was my biggest thing. I just wanted to get drafted and then I'd let my playing do the rest.

Advice: Be yourself. Some guys are trying to act like they're not nervous. I tried to say that, but when Toronto was up, that was the longest five minutes of my life. My family members tried to keep me loose and tell jokes, but I didn't want to laugh. I didn't want none of it.

Richard Jefferson - 2001: No. 13, Houston Rockets
For me, it was tough, because Houston was a good team and then Jersey was unheard of. To get traded to the Nets was actually kind of a shock at first. Then I saw that J Kidd got traded there and I was probably the happiest person in the NBA, because I go from a fast-breaking place like Arizona where all I did was run the floor and dunk, and now I got J Kidd on my team. You couldn't ask for anything more.

It was a little weird to get drafted by Houston and then get traded immediately, but it was exciting afterwards.

Gerald Wallace - 2001: No. 25, Sacramento Kings

It was a great experience, because any kid growing up is out in his backyard or out in the playground playing basketball. It's always a dream to be in the NBA and to hear my name being called and to know that I would be a part of the NBA was a great relief for me. It was also a blessing from God and a dream come true. It was something I had looked forward to all my life.

I was at home with my family. We watched it on TV an I was actually surprised to go 25th, as I expected to go 26th. It was a big shock for us, but it was a great opportunity. My family was excited. I was excited. It was a big moment for me and my family.

I never had an opportunity to talk to any guys that were already in the league or anything like that. I wanted to fill my own expectations on what it was like to be in the NBA and then approach it and see if it was everything I ever dreamed of as a kid. It was that and a lot more.

Advice: Don't be relaxed in just having your name called. This is a game and it's also a business. You've got to have focus. When you hear your name, don't get relaxed and say "OK, I'm in the NBA." Now your job is to stay in the NBA.

Villanueva didn't let the criticism bother him.
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Harris had a feeling Washington wasn't his final destination.
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Bosh isn't afraid to admit that he was nervous.
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