Viva Italia! Bargnani No. 1
The Draft Blog watched Toronto choose Italy's Andrea Bargnani with the top pick in NBA Draft 2006. Chicago selected LaMarcus Aldridge at No. 2, then sent him to Portland for No. 4 Tyrus Thomas. Charlotte took Adam Morrison at No. 3.
Bargnani's long journey | Inside the Numbers
Video: The picks | Press conferences
Deals and More Deals
Fifteen trades were made on Draft night. Portland made six, including acquiring and then trading No. 7 Randy Foye. In the process, Boston got Sebastian Telfair and Theo Ratliff.
Chats: The picks talk it up | More photos

Long Journey for No. 1
It turned out to be a memorable night for Andrea Bargnani. But leading into the Draft, no one was sure how things would unfold.
New Game Ball
This year's draftees will be using the first new official game ball in 35 years, beginning in 2006-07.
What The Players Think

In 2006, Ronnie Brewer's robin's-egg blue suit went perfectly with his Jazz Draft cap.
Styles: The Day Before | Of the Past
Video: Top 10 Best Dressed
T-Mobile: Inside Look

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The 2006 Draft Class took the time during their exciting night to answer e-mail. We also captured them in our Sprite Video Journal.
2005 Draft photos

Historical Video
Watch NBA stars get their names called on draft night.
First rounds on NBA TV

First Round Detail
Take a look at every first round pick in the NBA Draft dating back to 1957.

How Did No. 1 Do?
A look at the rookie stats of No. 1 picks since the lottery was instituted.

How Close Did They Come?
The 2006 NBA Draft has come and gone. But before Toronto selected Andrea Bargnani with the No. 1 overall pick, how many mock drafts had it right? Who had the clearest crystal ball?
Do Dreams Come True?
The day before the Draft, we asked the prospects how they envisioned their night unfolding.

LaMarcus Aldridge, Andrea Bargnani and eight other draftees discuss their 2006 Draft night with T-Mobile Inside Look.
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