Dwight Howard • Orlando • No. 1
On Tracy McGrady: "I hope McGrady stays because he could teach me a lot since he came out of high school too. I hope he stays, I would love to play with him. I hope the situation works out for him."

Emeka Okafor • Charlotte • No. 2
On playing for an expansion team: "Life is full of challenges. You just have to knock them down one at a time. That's the fun part."

Ben Gordon • Chicago • No. 3
On teaming with Kirk Hinrich: "We're both guards who can shoot and make things happen. Our games will complement each other very well."

Shaun Livingston • L.A. Clippers • No. 4
On being compared to Magic Johnson: "It feels good, but those are very big shoes to fill."

Devin Harris • Washington (traded to DAL) • No. 5
On his college experience: "I believe playing in the Big 10 prepared me a lot for the NBA by playing against quality opponents every night. Mentally preparing for those teams is a lot like the process I will go through for the NBA opponents I will face."

Josh Childress • Atlanta • No. 6
On Ben Wallace's hair: "I think we have two totally different looks going here. The fro is my primary fashion statement, whereas he switches from braids to the fro."

Luol Deng • Phoenix (traded to CHI) • No. 7
On leaving school early: "Leaving Duke is kind of like leaving your family for a long vacation. I was very close with my coach and my teammates."

Rafael Araujo • Toronto • No. 8
On playing with Vince Carter: "He is going to give me a lot of support. He is an All-Star and I'm really glad to play for that guy -- he'll be the big guy, the veteran of the team, and I'll be the rookie."

Andris Biedrins • Golden State • No. 11
On California: "I like the warm weather. Every day you wake up and it's sun outside. It's a great feeling. You are in good mood all day."

Kirk Snyder • Utah • No. 16
On slipping out of the lottery: "I thought I was going to go top 10, but it didn't go that way so I have to let every team above know what they missed out on."

Josh Smith • Atlanta • No. 17
On going to Atlanta: "I like where I got drafted, but I was kind of shocked that I went so far back. I feel I have a lot to prove, to show people what I bring, but I'm going to play in a team aspect. I'm a team guy first."

Jameer Nelson • Denver (traded to ORL) • No. 20
On being traded to Orlando: "It feels great to hear my name called, then it feels great to hear it called again. It tells me that somebody really wants me and needs me. I guess I can throw my jeans away, huh?"

Pavel Podkolzine • Utah Jazz (traded to DAL) • No. 21
On Mark Cuban: "He is a good person -- he is so very exciting to know. He is such a great fan of the team."

Sasha Vujacic • L.A. Lakers • No. 27
On being selected in the first round: "It's incredible, you know? To be picked by the Lakers is just incredible. I'm very proud of that and I'm very happy."