By Rob Reheuser

June 23 -- Scouts? Interviewed. Chicago Pre-Draft Camp? Attended. Newspaper reports? Studied. After a few weeks of research, here is one stab at how the first round in Thursday's NBA Draft 2004 might go.

1st Pick: Orlando Magic
Emeka Okafor | 6-10 | F-C | Connecticut | U.S.
With Orlando entertaining trade offers for Tracy McGrady, itís difficult to project which player, between Okafor and Dwight Howard, is the better fit long term. Okafor is the safer pick.

2nd Pick: Charlotte Bobcats
Dwight Howard | 6-11 | F | SW Atl. Christ. Academy | U.S.
Bobcats GM and Coach Bernie Bickerstaff traded up to ensure heíd get either Okafor or Howard. Donít expect any surprises, with Charlotte grabbing whichever player is on the board.

3rd Pick: Chicago Bulls
Andre Iguodala | 6-6 | G-F | Arizona | U.S.
The Bulls also like Luol Deng, Josh Childress and Ben Gordon, and could trade down or out of the spot completely. Iguodala can play multiple positions and would form an excellent defensive backcourt with Kirk Hinrich.

4th Pick: Los Angeles Clippers
Ben Gordon | 6-3 | G | Connecticut | U.S.
The Clips could grab Shaun Livingston and wait for him to develop. Gordonís workouts have been sensational and he provides more immediate help. Devin Harris is also a possibility.

5th Pick: Washington Wizards
Luol Deng | 6-8 | F | Duke | Sudan
The Wizards are loaded with twos and fours. Deng projects as a small forward, and could play sooner than other players under consideration.

6th Pick: Atlanta Hawks
Shaun Livingston | 6-7 | G | Peoria Central H.S. | U.S.
Hawks are in rebuilding mode and Livingston could be the most talented player in the draft. If Jason Terry is in the teamís long-range plans, a tall point guard would be a nice fit in the backcourt.

7th Pick: Phoenix Suns
Devin Harris | 6-3 | G | Wisconsin | U.S.
Phoenix could take a flyer on Pavel Podkolzine, but Harris fills an immediate need and has great NBA skills.

8th Pick: Toronto Raptors
Andris Biedrins | 6-11 | F | BK Skonto Riga | Latvia
Unlike many Europeans, Biedrins prefers to play inside and could provide help for Chris Bosh. Raptors will also consider any of the top point guards that slip.

9th Pick: Philadelphia 76ers
Josh Childress | 6-8 | F | Stanford | U.S.
Depending on what the team decides to do with Allen Iverson and Eric Snow, the Sixers could go in many directions. Childress fills a need for a skilled wing player.

10th Pick: Cleveland Cavaliers
Luke Jackson | 6-7 | F | Oregon | U.S.
Jacksonís all-around skills would be a nice complement to LeBron James. Paul Silas likes tough-minded, experienced players.

11th Pick: Golden State Warriors
Jameer Nelson | 6-0 | G | St. Joseph's | U.S.
It doesnít fill a need, but Nelson would fit nicely with Jason Richardson, Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy.

12th Pick: Seattle Sonics
Pavel Podkolzine | 7-5 | C | Varese | Russia
Sonics may have to wait a few years, but it could be worth it.

13th Pick: Portland Trail Blazers
Kirk Snyder | 6-6 | G | Nevada | U.S.
His workouts and physical testing have lifted his stock. Portlandís most glaring need is in the backcourt.

14th Pick: Utah Jazz
Sergei Monya | 6-8 | F | CSKA Moscow | Russia
Rumor has it Utah has given him a promise. Comes from the same background as Andrei Kirilenko.

15th Pick: Boston Celtics
Robert Swift | 7-0 | C | Bakersfield H.S. | U.S.
Another rumored promise has Swift heading to Boston. Played well in high school all-star games, but hasnít worked out for anybody.

16th Pick: Utah Jazz
Rafael Araujo | 6-11 | C | Brigham Young | Brazil
One of the more polished inside players would help a great deal in Salt Lake.

17th Pick: Atlanta Hawks
Josh Smith | 6-9 | F | Oak Hill Academy | U.S.
Hawks are in rebuilding mode and Smith could be the best athlete in the draft. Livingston and Smith could be scary down the road.

18th Pick: New Orleans Hornets
Sasha Vujacic | 6-7 | G | Snaidero Udine | Slovenia
Allan Bristow has said the teamís biggest need is along the perimeter. Vujacic could provide help at all three spots.

19th Pick: Miami Heat
Kris Humphries | 6-9 | F | Minnesota | U.S.
Heís taller and stronger than originally thought. Miami is overloaded on the perimeter.

20th Pick: Denver Nuggets
J.R. Smith | 6-6 | G | St. Benedict's Prep | U.S.
His talent suggests he could go higher. Denver is a great place for a young player to grow and learn.

21st Pick: Utah Jazz
Beno Udrih | 6-3 | G | Breil Milano | Slovenia
Insurance in case Carlos Arroyo signs elsewhere. Was very impressive in Chicago.

22nd Pick: New Jersey Nets
Sebastian Telfair | 6-0 | G | Abraham Lincoln H.S. | U.S.
This pick is for Portland, which loves Telfair.

23rd Pick: Portland Trail Blazers
P.J. Ramos | 7-3 | C | Criollos de Caguas | Puerto Rico
Having shored up backcourt needs, Blazers take the tallest player with the largest upside.

24th Pick: Boston Celtics
Dorell Wright | 6-7 | F | Leuzinger H.S. | U.S.
Another player rumored to be high on Danny Aingeís wish list.

25th Pick: Boston Celtics
Delonte West | 6-4 | G | St. Joseph's | U.S.
Should be able to play a little at both guard spots.

26th Pick: Sacramento Kings
David Harrison | 7-0 | C | Colorado | U.S.
Insurance in case Vlade Divac retires or signs with another team.

27th Pick: Los Angeles Lakers
Al Jefferson | 6-10 | F | Prentiss H.S. | U.S.
Could spell the end for Slava Medvedenko.

28th Pick: San Antonio Spurs
Anderson Varejao | 6-10 | F | F.C. Barcelona | Brazil
Spurs have liked him for a while.

29th Pick: Indiana Pacers
Kevin Martin | 6-7 | G | Western Carolina | U.S.
Indianaís lack of scoring hurt them in the playoffs.

Rob Reheuser is a member of the NBA Editorial Staff.