's comprehensive Draft coverage includes individual analysis of every team's needs leading up to NBA Draft 2002. provides each team's draft position, eight-man rotation, historical lists of first-round picks and selections for each first-round position since 1990.

The league's Director of Scouting, Marty Blake has more than 50 years of NBA experience under his belt, 25 years as a scout. No one knows more about the picks and possibilities than Blake, who is a trusted resource for team decision-makers from coast to coast. Following NBA Draft 2002, he went through the roster of teams and evaluated their picks.

"There were an awful lot of players in this draft were not drafted," Blake explains the depth of 2002. "There's an influx, not an invasion of foreign players and this pushed a lot of the American kids back. This will also defuse the high school situation. We had one guy picked and he just didn't want to go to college under any circumstances."

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