First RoundPlayer College
1. Orlando Shaquille O'Neal Louisiana State
2. Charlotte Alonzo Mourning Georgetown
3. Minnesota Christian Laettner Duke
4. Dallas Jimmy Jackson Ohio State
5. Denver LaPhonso Ellis Notre Dame
6. Washington Tom Gugliotta North Carolina State
7. Sacramento Walt Williams Maryland
8. Milwaukee Todd Day Arkansas
9. Philadelphia Clarence Weatherspoon Southern Mississippi
10. Atlanta Adam Keefe Stanford
11. Houston Robert Horry Alabama
12. Miami Harold Miner USC
13. Denver (from N.J.) Bryant Stith Virginia
14. Indiana Malik Sealy St. John's
15. LA Lakers Anthony Peeler Missouri
16. LA Clippers Randy Woods La Salle
17. Seattle Doug Christie Pepperdine
18. San Antonio (1) Tracy Murray UCLA
19. Detroit (2) Don MacLean UCLA
20. New York Hubert Davis North Carolina
21. Boston Jon Barry Georgia Tech
22. Phoenix Oliver Miller Arkansas
23. Milwaukee (from Utah) Lee Mayberry Arkansas
24. Golden State Latrell Sprewell Alabama
25. LA Clippers (from Cle.) Elmore Spencer Nevada-Las Vegas
26. Portland David Johnson Syracuse
27. Chicago Byron Houston Oklahoma State

(1) Draft rights traded by San Antonio to Portland in a three-way deal that included Dale Ellis going from Milwaukee to San Antonio and Alaa Abdelnaby going from Portland to Milwaukee.
(2) Draft rights traded by Detroit with William Bedford to Los Angeles Clippers for Olden Polynice and 1996 and 1997 second-round draft choices.