The Class of 2001
The 2001 NBA Draft made history with three high schoolers selected in the first four picks. See what happened during the entire first round in 2001.

Complete First Round History
Quick! Who was the No. 4 pick in 1972? If you peruse our complete list of NBA Draft first rounds dating back to 1957, you'll know it's Penn forward Corky Calhoun, selected by the Phoenix Suns.
No. 1 overall picks since 1966

NBA Draft 2002 Notes
The younger the drafts get, the more value gets placed on second-round picks who don't carry the burden of a guaranteed contract. Learn about some recent second-round steals and other draft characteristics in our 2002 notes.
Top 13 draft picks since 1980

All-Star Drafts
How does draft position relate to All-Star potential? Pretty highly for first round picks. See where the 2002 All-Stars were drafted.

Pipeline to the NBA
Not that going to a certain school guarantees an NBA career, but some colleges pump out an extraordinary number of NBA players. See where if your favorite school ranks among the top feeders.

Early Bird Specials
The 2001 NBA Draft had 75 early entry candidates -- the most ever -- of which 20 withdrew before the draft and 35 were selected. Here's a complete list of all previous early-entry candidates and where they were drafted.

Lottery Success
Struggling teams see their salvation in the Lottery. Find out how successful the careers of the top 13 picks have been since the Lottery started.
Year by year Lottery picks

Evolution of the Draft
From the territorial picks to the coin flip to the many different incarnations of the lottery, see how the NBA Draft has evolved over the past 45 years.