NBA Draft 2001


The Theater at Madison Square Garden, between 31st and 33rd Streets in New York City.


7:30 p.m. ET, Wednesday, June 26

Fan Tickets:

A limited number of tickets to NBA Draft 2002 will be made available to fans on June 26. Tickets can be purchased on that day only at the Madison Square Garden ticket office beginning at noon for a price of $15 each.


Representatives of the 29 NBA teams in communication from New York with their general managers, coaches and scouts back in their respective cities.


The draft will consist of two rounds. There will be 57 selections -- 28 in the first round and 29 in the second round. Minnesota forfeits its first round pick as part of the penalties imposed from the Timberwolves' improper agreement with Joe Smith that violated the salary cap. Denver, Houston, the LA Clippers and Phoenix each have two first round picks. Atlanta, Boston, Dallas and Seattle have no first round picks.

Time Limits:

Teams will have five minutes to make their picks in the first round and two minutes to make their picks in the second round. Selections will be announced by NBA Commissioner David Stern in the first round and Deputy Commissioner Russ Granik in the second round.


Turner Sports will televise the draft live on TNT, starting at 7 p.m. ET on Wednesday, June 26 with a pre-draft show. The actual drafting will begin at 7:30. ESPN radio will also broadcast the draft live, starting at 7:30.

Draft Online:

You can't get any closer to the draft without hearing your own name called, as NBA.com brings you a special section devoted to NBA Draft 2002.

Leading up to the Draft, we'll feature special chats with coaches and general managers, where you can ask the questions yourself about the draft plans of your favorite teams. Peruse photos of No. 1 picks since 1990, Rookies of the Year on draft day and some flamboyant styles worn by the draftees -- then vote on your favorites! NBA.com analyst Brad Greenberg will rate the best prospects in a weekly position comparison. And we have an exclusive diary from Kansas forward as he works out ... and waits ... to find out the fate of his future.

On draft day, NBA.com will be live at the Draft with a cybercast that follows the picks as they happen. The draftees will chat live shortly after their selection and we'll have commentary and analysis from special guests. You can catch an array of multimedia with streaming video, audio and photo galleries, as the players go from prospects to pros.

Feel the Draft on NBA.com with all the information and resources you need to be a scouting superstar!