Jay Williams joined NBA.com for a live chat shortly after being drafted by the Bulls with the second pick overall.

DK: This is to Jay... How does it feel to be a bull...?

Jay Williams: It's a great opportunity to get a chance to play with such great players as Tyson, Eddy Curry and Jalen. And we look forward to doing a lot of great things together.

Matthew (Hong Kong): Jay what do you think is the strong point in your game?

Jay Williams: I think the strong point in my game is just my determination to succeed. I think that's my greatest attribute.

TAT: Jay,Im so glad your in Chicago Where do you see this team at the end of next season? Also congrats on a wonderful career at Duke!Im sure youll win on this level too!

Jay Williams: I can't really make an overall prediction of where we're going to be. But the one thing I can guarantee is that we're going to work our hardest to try to be the best. And the Nets did it!

gerdien netherlands: hi jay cool you're a bull! what's the first thing you're up to?

Jay Williams: I'm going to Disneyland!

Adil: Jay what role do u think you will be playing in Chicago? Would you like to traded or not?

Jay Williams: I think the role I'll probably be playing is just a leader in how I approach things and I'm always going to have a positive attitude to win.

Gary (Orland, CA): Jay, I've been a Bulls fan all of my life, and I'm very excited about you coming to Chicago next year. Who do you think is the best NBA player, past or present, that your play resembles?

Jay Williams: I think my play resembles Isiah Thomas, just for his determination to win on a consistent basis.

Brad: Jay, do you think Duke players and coaches helped you get your way to the NBA?

Jay Williams: I think this year has been great for me in dealing with all the pressures of being the main guy on a huge team. And I can bring that experience to my new team.

Jake (Boston: Jay- Who do you most want to play against in the NBA? Iverson?

Jay Williams: Everybody who steps on the court and wants to beat me, I want to beat them even worse.

Sam (Folsom, CA): Jay, How does it feel to play for the team that Jordan started his career with?

Jay Williams: It's not really Michael Jordan's team anymore since he is now a Wizard. But it is great to be on a team with such a tradition and I look forward to continuing it.

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