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Chat transcript: Draft Day, June 27
Shane Battier

Shane Battier joined for a live chat shortly after being drafted by the Grizzlies with the sixth pick overall.

G-Man from at 9:18pm ET
How much will you miss Dickie V???

Shane Battier at 9:18pm ET
A lot. You can't buy that sort of public relations! You can't buy that sort of praise.
LosHeatDeMiami from at 9:19pm ET
Shane, tell me you won't pull a Francis, by requesting a trade out of Vancouver!

Shane Battier at 9:19pm ET
No way! I'm really excited about playing for the Grizzlies. I think it's a great situation for both parties involved.
Matt at 9:19pm ET
Shane do you think you gain more by going to college, instead going to the NBA out of high school.

Shane Battier at 9:20pm ET
I really enjoyed college and I never thought of leaving college early, just because of the fact that it's too fun.
bobby from at 9:20pm ET
What do u think u have to improve on to make a good transition into the NBA?

Shane Battier at 9:20pm ET
I think I just need to learn the NBA game. It's much different from the college game obviously, but as soon as I adjust to the speed of the game, I'll be successful.
Azran from at 9:21pm ET
You think Paul and you can make immediate impacts for the Grizlies?

Shane Battier at 9:21pm ET
I hope so. I'm really excited about playing with Pau. I haven't had the chance to see him in person, but what I've seen on tape, he's really good. It will be exciting to go through the process with another person.
E at 9:21pm ET
Shane, who was your hardest competitor in college, and why?

Shane Battier at 9:22pm ET
My toughest competitor in college that I played against was Antawn Jamison or Elton Brand.
Juan Angel from at 9:22pm ET
Shane, what position would you like to play at Memphis? Shooting Guard or Small Forward?

Shane Battier at 9:22pm ET
I think I'll be a small forward and maybe eventually a shooting guard.
Othello at 9:22pm ET
You're the best thing that could have happened to the Grizz, Shane. Your leadership is much needed there. How do you feel having to lead an NBA team in your first year? They even traded their star playing to make room for you, for crying out loud.

Shane Battier at 9:23pm ET
I know it will be a challenge, but my main focus right now is to earn the respect of my teammates by playing hard and competing every single day. Leadership will follow after that.
SuperJuice from at 9:23pm ET
Shane, i believe you are the best player in this draft, but the selections don't reflect that. Do you think the new zone defence rules will help your game?

Shane Battier at 9:23pm ET
I think so. I think there is a premium on jump shooters and a premium on players that know the game. And I think those are my two biggest strengths.
dakotahb at 9:24pm ET
Shane- What kind of toughness do you think you need to work on more to be prepared for this league- mental or physical?

Shane Battier at 9:24pm ET
Mental. The 82-game season will be a grind and that's twice as many games as I'm used to playing in college. It's something I'll have to learn to get used to.
BradA32 from at 9:24pm ET
What was the first thing that went through your mind when they called your name?

Shane Battier at 9:25pm ET
Finally! I was just happy that the process is over and I have a place to call home.
alkat from at 9:25pm ET
Congratulations on making the NBA! What is your main goal in the NBA? What kind of impact can you make on the Grizlies?

Shane Battier at 9:25pm ET
My main goal is to win. And hopefully by bringing that attitude, it will be contagious and we can produce a winning team wherever we play.
Joey from at 9:26pm ET
I am from Durham and I was just wondering how you feel about the team possibly moving to Memphis?

Shane Battier at 9:26pm ET
I'm excited. I know Memphis is really excited about having the team there. It will be a fun process because both the city and myself will go through the rookie transition. We can identify with each other.
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