Which pick was the biggest surprise of NBA Draft 2001?
Kwame Brown at No. 1
Tyson Chandler at No. 2
Pau Gasol at No. 3
Jason Richardson at No. 5
Shane Battier at No. 6
Eddie Griffin at No. 7
Kedrick Brown at No. 11
Michael Bradley at No. 17
Loren Woods at No. 46

Two of the NBA's best forwards began filling out change-of-address forms on draft day, as Chicago shipped Elton Brand to the Clippers and the Grizzlies reached an agreement in principle to send Shareef Abdur-Rahim to Atlanta. Washington tipped off the draft by making Kwame Brown the first high schooler selected No. 1 overall.
Stern announces the Brand trade: 28.8+ | ISDN+
Brand chatted live on draft day
Rockets deal three to get Griffin
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While NBA Draft 2001 made history with high schoolers as three of the top four picks, NBA Draft expert Chris Ekstrand says what really dictated this draft was size, making it an anomaly and not a portent of things to come.
Jordan welcomes Brown to NBA
Draft 2001 continues global trends
Troy Murphy's life underwent some radical changes as he was drafted by Golden State, headed west for an introductory news conference and returned home for some well-deserved rest. Follow the completion of Troy's Trek to NBA Draft 2001.

Draft day arrived and the teams reviewed their homework from the previous couple months to best make their selections. Check out the war room strategy of your favorite teams from individual workouts, player interviews and prospect scouting.


With a little more than 24 hours before he becomes an NBA player, draft prospect and former Michigan State guard Jason Richardson talked about his strengths, his excitement and his plans for not sleeping much in a live chat.
The NBA's Director of Scouting, Marty Blake has half a century of experience ranking and evaluating pro prospects. He imparted some of his wisdom about the 2001 hopefuls in a live chat on June 25.


Each Draft day brings out the best in fashion among the NBA's newest stars-to-be. Check out some of the hottest outfits that were in NYC on Wednesday night and vote for the best dressed.
The open-air "green room" at NBA Draft 2001 left emotions exposed for the draftees and their families, including the formation of fast friendships.
Brendan Haywood had a long but eventful Draft night, starting with being last in the green room, then drafted by the center-heavy Cavs and finally traded to Orlando -- and his emotions covered the full spectrum throughout.
The 2001 Schick Rookie of the Year, Orlando's Mike Miller, writes a letter to this year's potential draft picks offering plenty of advice for a successful rookie season, with one dominant theme.


A full list of who's gone first overall in the draft since 1966.
See what happened during the first round last year, at NBA Draft 2000 in Minnesota.
NBA Draft 2001 has the most underclassmen ever. Look at the complete list of previous early-entry candidates and where they were drafted.


The final day of competition at the NBA Pre-Draft Camp was highlighted by Chicago native Sean Lampley, a guard from Cal who put on a scoring show.
Before an audience that included Wizards president Michael Jordan, 41 seniors put on a hoops spectacle at the Nike Desert Classic, with the hopes of increasing their draft stock before the big day in June.
Two of the smallest participants came up the biggest in the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament, where Detroit's Rashad Phillips and Virginia's Donald Hand led their squad to a come-from-behind championship victory.

Kwame Brown
Wizards newcomer Kwame Brown was looking sharp as the No. 1 overall pick.
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No. 1
Wizards select Kwame Brown

No. 2
Clippers select Tyson Chandler

No. 3
Hawks select Pau Gasol

No. 4
Bulls select Eddy Curry

No. 5
Warriors select Jason Richardson

No. 6
Grizzlies select Shane Battier


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