2022 NBA Draft Profile



Round 124
Drafted By:Milwaukee Bucks
6-5 / 197 lbs
G League Ignite
United States
Draft Eligible
Draft 2022

Get to Know MarJon Beauchamp

Get to Know MarJon Beauchamp

Prospect Overview

Rangy wing who showed significant upside as a defender after joining the G League Ignite program out of the junior college ranks.

About MarJon Beauchamp

MarJon Beauchamp is a long, energetic wing who had a breakout year on the defensive end with the G League Ignite.  Bouncing around high schools in the state of Washington, the Yakima native ultimately finished his prep career at Dream City Christian School (AZ) widely regarded as one of the top-50 prospects in the high school class of 2020.  Originally planning to enter the 2021 NBA Draft, Beauchamp spent the following season training with Chameleon BX before returning to Washington to play for Yakima Valley College which had its season displaced by the pandemic.  Averaging 30.7 points per game in his abbreviated junior college campaign, the 21-year-old swingman subsequently opted to join the G League Ignite program and play under Head Coach Jason Hart ahead of the 2022 NBA Draft.  Averaging 15.1 points, 6.5 rebounds, 2 assists, and 1.5 steals over 34.6 minutes per game, Beauchamp stood out at times on both ends.    

• Measured standing 6’6.5 in shoes with a solid 197-pound frame and a 7’0.75 wingspan, Beauchamp possesses good size for a wing, is a fluid athlete, and did a better job making the most of it on both ends this season than he had in the past.

• Playing primarily off the ball, Beauchamp did much of his scoring in the G League running the wings in transition and cutting actively in the half court. Showing some ability to drive closeouts and find the open man on the move, he had some nice moments with the ball in his hands, but still has room to improve as a jump shooter to unlock his versatility on the offensive end.

• Playing exceptionally hard on the defensive end for much of the year, Beauchamp was not immune to an occasional rookie mistake but also locked down more seasoned swingmen for stretches too.  He still has room to get stronger and improve his technique, but his combination of length, agility, and effort gives him considerable defensive potential.

Advanced Stats

• Scoring prolifically in the open floor, Beauchamp made a concerted effort to fill lanes but also showed some ability to push the ball himself, scoring impressively in spots changing speeds with hesitation moves to navigate traffic.  More fluid than he is polished with the ball to create consistently out of ball screens, he did much of his scoring in the half court off the ball.

• Averaging 1.32 points per shot around the rim [85th percentile], Beauchamp showed the ability to play above the rim with a head of steam, good timing pursuing put backs, and the combination of touch and length to score over or around defenders.  He is not the most physical slasher or freakiest athlete, but scored inside at a strong rate both in the open floor and the half court.

• Showing the ability to make a set shot and dribble into jumpers in the midrange, Beauchamp is far from a lost cause on the perimeter even if his consistency leaves something to be desired.  Averaging 0.90 points per jump shot in the half court [41st percentile], he was more aggressive off the dribble than off the catch and was more consistent in the midrange than from beyond the arc with his mechanics wavering on some attempts from three-point range.  

• Filling in some other blanks offensively, Beauchamp’s ability to become a better set shooter figures to be an x-factor in his development.

Defensive Analysis

• Looking like a different player than he had at points early in his career, Beauchamp rebranded himself this season by bringing consistent effort to the defensive end.  

• He’s always had intriguing tools, but found a sense of urgency smothering opposing ball handlers, getting in the passing lanes, and guarding multiple positions.  

• As well as he played defensively this season, Beauchamp still has some room to improve.  He has high-level tools, but could conceivably guard some bigger forwards as his frame improves and has some things to clean up in terms of technique off the ball as well.

— Profile by Synergy Sports