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Woon began as a family-run pop-up that was born out of a desire to share their mother’s Chinese comfort food.

About seven years ago, owner Keegan Fong and his sister were working in completely separate industries not related to the restaurant or food field. Keegan was in marketing and his sister in fashion. They had long dreamt of doing something together, and Keegan grew tired of marketing items he was not completely passionate about.

Woon’s first event took place at their uncle’s craft market. Keegan volunteered to do a pop-up at the event, which was short on food vendors at the time. He turned to his mother, Julie Chen, lovingly referred to as “Mama Fong,” for help. At first, she was apprehensive. The thought of making food for around 300 people was daunting! She had previously only cooked for their family and guests.

Uncertainty and trepidation aside, their food was an instant success at the market. They sold out within three hours. Moving quickly and borrowing their father’s minivan to operate events, the pop-up gained a passionate following. Woon eventually landed their own storefront located in the Historic Filipinotown district.

Keegan always had the desire to tell the truth and sell his life genuinely. Beyond the food and the brand - any merch or events are all organic reflections of him and his roots. In the beginning, the restaurant was completely family-run with Keegan’s brother-in-law managing the kitchen. Originally from Austria, he had to be taught by the family how to use a Wok.

Once the pandemic hit, Woon pivoted quickly and got in touch with their pop-up roots. Keegan’s background in digital and marketing helped navigate Woon through the pandemic uncertainty.

Keegan built Woon’s new online ordering platform from scratch in a day. They expanded their delivery radius and began producing in-house consumer packaged goods. Focus was kept on keeping staff healthy and happy during the past year, while serving the community as a team.

Prior to COVID, you could find Mama Fong at the storefront every day talking to customers and helping in the kitchen. Thankfully as the pandemic conditions improve, she has slowly returned to Woon, much to the joy of patrons.

Describing his mother as the fun young mom who always wanted to spend time with his friends, they also always wanted to hang out with her. “She loves entertaining people and making them happy,” he said.

Woon is a thank you to the everyday feast that could be found in their San Gabriel Valley household - and is now their restaurant.

“This is who I am, I love where I’m from and I love the food I grew up with”, he said. “People seem to enjoy it, so why not share it.”

Woon is located at 2920 W. Temple St. in Los Angeles.

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