Celebrating Lunar New Year 2021 With Clipper Nation

Celebrating Lunar New Year 2021 With Clipper Nation

Clipper Nation Q&A With Wei Cao

How did you become a Clippers fan and how long have you been one? 

I started watching the Clippers in 2006, and it has been 15 years now. I have never been to Los Angeles. My love for the Clippers is the main connection I have with Los Angeles.

What are your hometown and current location?

The city I live in is my hometown, Xiamen.

Could you describe the community of Clippers fans in China?

The Chinese Clippers fans are very young, most of them have been in love with the Clippers since the Lob City era. The discussion between fans is very positi

Do you have any fun stories of watching games during odd hours due to the time difference?

Once I bought a lot of snacks to prepare for the early morning Clippers game on Chinese New Year but accidentally fell asleep when the game started.

What is your favorite Clippers memory?

First-round game 7 in 2015 against the Spurs.

Who is your favorite player?


What is your New Years Wish?

A Los Angeles Clippers jersey!

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