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Two names that don’t need much introduction - Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger are chefs and masterminds behind their most recent venture, Socalo.

The duo is as passionate about food as they are regarding their values. Community, connection, and giving back have always been at their core. Their teamwork has been an essential ingredient to their success for over 35 years. No stranger to the Clippers, the two have made appearances at virtual season ticket holder events to share their story and culinary expertise. Los Angeles has been the inspiration and backdrop that plays an important role in both of their careers.

Another passion of the chefs is giving back. From teaching young chefs and mentoring restaurateurs to spearheading fundraisers for local charities, LGBTQ and human rights organizations, medical research, and ending childhood hunger, the chefs have always supported giving back. They aim to inspire a new generation to follow their passions and effect positive change in their community. Despite the challenges that COVID-19 brought on restaurants, the chefs’ Border Grill teams cooked and delivered thousands of meals to people impacted by the pandemic including frontline healthcare workers, the homeless, food-insecure families with young children, and seniors.

According to the U.S. Labor Department, fewer than 20 percent of working chefs are women, despite making up more than half of culinary graduates. With Socalo’s opening, multiple Border Grill locations, food trucks, and full-service events and catering business, the chef duo have continued breaking barriers as female restaurateurs in a male-dominated field and serve as an inspiration to young women within the industry.

Even after decades of prominence and expansion, Milliken and Feniger still crave and conquer new challenges, such as keeping all elements alive with their creative touch during a global pandemic. Feeling that part of their responsibility is to create dishes that are delicious but also healthy for the planet, Socalo serves conscientiously-sourced, seasonal SoCal Mexican fare. The restaurant boasts a commitment to sustainability. The ingredients come from organic rice, beans, and corn tortillas; seasonal, local ingredients; antibiotic/hormone-free meats and poultry; and sustainable seafood.

If reading this has made you hungry, we have a solution for you! Socalo’s Clippers Game Day special is a Chicken Enchilada Kit, available all month long! Orders can be placed online or over the phone every day except Sunday and Monday.


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