Celebrating Lunar New Year 2021 With Clipper Nation

Celebrating Lunar New Year 2021 With Clipper Nation

Clipper Nation Q&A With Shiyan Tan

How did you become a Clippers fan and how long have you been one? 

I became a Clippers fan in 2013. It has been around seven or eight years. It started with Matt Barnes, the Spurs playoff series where Barnes passionately put down Baines feels like yesterday. He was the soul of Lob City.

What are your hometown and current location?

I'm currently living in China, a real Chongqing girl, and have never been to Los Angeles. I plan to go to a game after the team's new stadium in Inglewood is completed.

Could you describe the community of Clippers fans in China?

It's a great honor to meet Clippers fans who have been following the team since the Lob City era. They are lovely. We all watch the game while communicating together in a WeChat group.

Do you have any fun stories of watching games during odd hours due to the time difference?

Sometimes I will stay up to watch some early morning games, but in recent years the early morning game win rate is not very high, so it may be bad luck! 

What is your favorite Clippers memory?

A good memory is the 17-19 seasons, we did not have an All-Star, but everyone was an All-Star player.

Who is your favorite player?

My current favorite Clippers player has to be Patrick Beverly.

What is your New Years Wish?

l hope the COVID-19 epidemic will end soon, my family will be healthy and everything will go well.

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