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Robinson’s Energy Vital In Earning Second 10-Day

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LOS ANGELES - It’s all about energy for Nate Robinson.

The veteran guard knows that played a vital role in earning a second 10-day contract Tuesday, and he believes if he keeps his energy high and plays tenacious defense, the shots will start to fall the way he wants.

“I’ve been hard on myself,” Robinson said. “I work so hard, and of late, the shots I usually make I’ve been missing. For me, it does a lot to help the team, but for my confidence and my energy level, it shoots it through the roof. For me, just focus on defense now and let the offense and everything else come to me.

“The ball finds good energy. That’s something that I always have. Just when I get the ball, shoot with confidence and continue to be Nate Robinson no matter what.”

Robinson said he’s just got to be himself, and if a team likes him, then the team likes him and will let him know.

The Clippers clearly liked him enough to bring him back for 10 more days. His 12 points Tuesday, the same day he signed his second 10-day contract, marked his highest total in six games with the Clippers.

Head coach Doc Rivers said afterward with the injuries the Clippers have sustained, they needed another scoring punch off the bench and Robinson was able to provide it.

“I still like his energy,” said head coach Doc Rivers. “The shots you figured eventually would fall anyway. That’s what he does. He’ll take some bad ones and make them and miss them, that’s just Nate. But what we need him to be is an energy player.”

Robinson was still getting his feet wet during his first 10-day contract. Prior to his first game with the Clippers on March 8, he hadn’t played in a game since Jan. 9.

After Tuesday’s win, Robinson has now appeared in six games for the Clippers, averaging 5.3 points and two assists in 15.5 minutes per game.  

“Now I’ve got my wind under me,” Robinson said. “The confidence is there, I’ve just got to knock down shots when they’re available and try not to step on any toes. It’s just like treading water, you’ve got to continue to do so until you’ve got your strength back to swim.”

Robinson said he knows he’s in Los Angeles to bring energy, fill in for Jamal Crawford while the guard is injured, give Chris Paul a breather when he’s asked and do whatever Doc Rivers wants him to do.

He’s now got 10 more days to demonstrate how valuable his role can be. 

“Doc gave me a great opportunity to come in and showcase my talent and be here for these guys and be a veteran leader,” Robinson said. “That’s what I’m working on now, maturing myself and my game and helping our younger guys and leading by example by just playing hard. Everything else will take care of itself.”

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