Lamond Murray Directing Youth Hoops Summer Camp

Rowan Kavner Digital Content Coordinator

LOS ANGELES - Kids will get the chance this summer to learn from former Clipper Lamond Murray, who’s once again directing the Clippers’ Youth Hoops summer camp this year.

The camp is for children ages 6-14 looking to better their skills or learn more about basketball, and with the skill levels varying, kids of all expertise have a chance to learn from professionals.

“What we’re really trying to accomplish is just really getting kids in the neighborhoods that we service to learn the fundamentals of the game and to learn the right way,” said Murray, who’s in his second year as director of the camps.

Murray said the focus is to get kids ready for the high school level and beyond, and to give them the proper foundation to learn the game. He said he’s had beginning who just picked up a basketball, to kids at the intermediate level who’ve played in camps before, to some experts.

“We had a few kids that have gone from a camp and learning the game of basketball to where they’re competing at the AAU level within the first year,” Murray said.

They’re all welcome at the camps.

“And they can sign up today,” Murray said. “We have nine camps this summer, last year we only had six camps. It’s growing, the word is getting out, and we had a lot of kids that participated in camps in one city that came to another city to participate in the camp because they loved the camp so much.”

Every camper who signs up receives exclusive Clippers gear and weeklong coaching from experienced instructors.

More information is available at www.clippers.com/camps.