PLAYA VISTA – J.J. Redick went through his normal post-shootaround workout Friday morning as the Clippers prepared for their second matchup of the season with the Lakers.

 Afterwards Redick confirmed he expects to make his return from a fractured right hand and partially torn ligament in his wrist that cost him 21 games.

“That’s the plan,” Redick said. “You never know until the day of I guess, but Tuesday when I was able to go through the full practice I figured Friday would be a decent shot if I continued to progress.

“There’s no pain. The only issue is just a little stiffness just from being casted for three weeks. I don’t feel things when I shoot or dribble or things like that. My extremes in terms of flexibility are the same as my left hand. I’m good to go. I wouldn’t be playing if I wasn’t.”

Redick, who was averaging 15.9 points in 17 starts before going down on Nov. 29, began shooting Saturday, about a week after getting the cast off his wrist. 

“I came in here and probably shot 30 shots and dribbled for four minutes,” Redick said of his workout at the Clippers’ training center on Jan. 4.

He progressed from there, participating in shootaround before Monday’s game against the Magic and rejoining his first full-contact practice the following day.

“After Wednesday’s shootaround I was able to do a fairly normal shooting and ball-handling workout with J.P. [Clark],” Redick said. “And felt good enough that Friday was a go if I could get through [Thursday’s] practice without any lingering soreness or stiffness or pain or anything like that.

“I’m very fortunate in that I haven’t had any setbacks. Sometimes when you have an injury you have setbacks. And I’ve been fortunate that every step I’ve needed to take I’ve taken in a timely manner.”

Redick, who also missed all but one game in the preseason due to a left quad contusion, maintained a fairly high level of cardiovascular fitness in the past five weeks, alternating conditioning and lower body workouts six days a week through last Saturday.

“If you do that six days a week and three of those days are conditioning days, I feel like my wind is pretty good,” Redick said.

He will wear a supportive wrap on his wrist, but he said the bone is fully healed and team medical personnel said he is not required to wear the wrap to play.

Redick suffered the injury in the third quarter of the Clippers’ overtime win against the Sacramento Kings when he landed awkwardly after being bumped by DeMarcus Cousins on a rebound attempt. Considering Redick is known as a shooter he said there were a few nervous moments about the injury because he right-hand dominant and it happened to his shooting wrist.

However, that fear subsided quickly.

“I think when I first had the injury and there was a fracture and partially torn ligament there was an immediate kind of fear,” Redick said. “That usually lasts 12-24 hours and you say, ‘Alright, I’m going to attack this.’ That’s just the athlete in you. Then, when I got the cast off, I’ve been casted before, so I knew it would be a process. I broke my wrist a few times as a kid so I knew that it would take a couple of weeks to get full range of motion and strength back.

“Really, the biggest thing for me in getting back in six weeks was getting my cast off a week early. I was able to have a whole week out of the cast with a soft cast on, working with the hand therapist and getting my flexibility back a week early.”

Still, once he returned to the court he still had some doubts about whether his return would come against the Lakers or five nights later against the Mavericks.

“As of last Saturday I didn’t think I would be able to play Friday because I didn’t think I had the endurance and strength to do it. But this week has just been great. I haven’t had any setbacks and I’ve gotten better every day. I’ve been lucky.”