Power Rankings Roundup: Week 8

Power Rankings Roundup: Week 8

LOS ANGELES – With only two games last week, a loss to the Warriors bumped the Clippers back in some rankings, but the Clippers closed the week by crushing the Pelicans.

Here are the resulting weekly power rankings from NBA.com, ESPN.com, SI.com and CBSSports.com, along with a brief explanation for the choices. Click on the link under each publication’s name to see the full explanations for each team.


Clippers No. 6 (Last week: No. 4)– “The Clippers played the Warriors even over the last three quarters on Wednesday, but that didn't matter after a first period in which they had more turnovers (nine - seven that were live balls) than baskets (eight)…Chris Paul pushed his assist-to-turnover ratio back over 4.0 with 20 (an NBA season high) and zero in Saturday's win over New Orleans (played without Blake Griffin), the Clips' most efficient offensive game of the season.” – John Schuhmann


Clippers No. 7 (Last week: No. 5) – “We're not yet 25 games into the Clippers' schedule, and frankly, we're dizzy: They're a legit top-tier team on the Cavs/Warriors level! No, wait, they're a mirage! No, wait, they thrashed the Cavs in Cleveland, so they're back! No, wait, we shall never consider them title material again after the manner in which they lost at home to the Dubs again! The flawlessness of Chris Paul's 20-point, 20-assist, zero-turnover gem against New Orleans can't camouflage the sheer exasperation these guys inspire in a season where we really need a true challenger or two to emerge to challenge the Golden State/Cleveland duopoly.” – Marc Stein


Clippers No. 6 (Last week: No. 4)– “The Clips endure their annual smackdown by the Warriors, then Chris Paul comes back with 20 points, 20 assists and no turnovers the next game. Go figure.” – Jeremy Woo


Clippers No. 11 (Last week: No. 10) – “I can't justify putting the teams below them above them, but I had to think about it. Not showing up, again, vs. the Warriors? OK. But that combined with the Pacers loss leaves a bad taste. The Clippers remain simultaneously an elite team and a disappointing one, in ways that seem different from that M.O from years past.” – Matt Moore