Power Rankings Roundup: Week 11

Power Rankings Roundup: Week 11

LOS ANGELES – The Clippers’ losing streak stretched to six last week after losses to the Thunder, Pelicans, Rockets and Thunder.

Here are the rankings from NBA.com, ESPN.com, SI.com and CBSSports.com, along with a brief explanation for the choices. Click on the link under each publication’s name to see the full explanations for each team.


Clippers No. 10 (Last week: No. 6) – “Breaking news: The Clippers are a bad team when they don't have Blake Griffin or Chris Paul (or when Griffin is out and Paul comes back too early from a hamstring injury). Their six-game losing streak - in which they've been bad on both ends of the floor - has taken them from fourth to seventh in the West. The good news is that they're not going to fall any further and they have the conference's easiest January schedule, with plenty of days off before the next time they have to leave the state of California (for a Jan. 21 game in Denver).” – John Schuhmann


Clippers No. 15 (Last week: No. 10) – “I'm as down on the West as I can remember…but it's still stunning to see the Clippers all the way down at No. 7 in the West on this Rankings Monday. Yet that's what happens when Chris Paul joins Blake Griffin on the shelf; L.A. is 0-5 this season when its two main men are sidelined after going 1-3 in the same situation last season. The Clips are actually 33-15 over the last two seasons, including the playoffs, when Blake is out but CP3 is in uniform to save the day. Coping without both is a different matter entirely.” – Marc Stein


Clippers No. 12 (Last week: No. 7) – “They’ve made do without Blake Griffin plenty in the last year or so, but it’s an undeniable bump in the road, and maybe a bit of a reality check. Their long-term expectations are tied to his play. And now, Chris Paul is banged up, too.” – Jeremy Woo


Clippers No. 17 (Last week: No. 10) – “They manage to go nowhere thanks to teams behind them failing to surge enough and their own split of beating San Antonio short-handed and losing to the Lakers in the same spot. Injuries are starting to catch up with them; the season is long, and every team has dips…” – Matt Moore


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