Power Ranking Week 10 2016

Power Rankings Roundup: Week 10

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LOS ANGELES – Wins against the Nuggets and Spurs started to vault the Clippers, but injuries and subsequent losses to the Mavericks and Lakers halted that jump, so there weren’t any drastic changes in the resulting power rankings.

Here are the rankings from NBA.com, ESPN.com, SI.com and CBSSports.com, along with a brief explanation for the choices. Click on the link under each publication’s name to see the full explanations for each team.


Clippers No. 6 (Last week: No. 7) – “Last season, the Clippers scored more efficiently in the 47 games that Blake Griffin missed (108.0 points per 100 possessions) than in the 35 games he played (104.4). So another extended absence (he's out 4-6 weeks after having knee surgery on Tuesday) is another chance to see how they play with more spacing around their Chris Paul-DeAndre Jordan pick-and-rolls… But Paul got hurt himself in that game, was clearly missed in losses to the Mavs and Lakers, and is out at least two more games.” – John Schuhmann


Clippers No. 10 (Last week: No. 9) – “The Clippers have inflicted two of San Antonio's six losses this season. That's the extent of the good news to pass along from Los Angeles these days after Chris Paul, who started the season so well, joined Blake Griffin on the sideline thanks to a tweaked hamstring…” – Marc Stein


Clippers No. 7 (Last week: No. 6) – “They’ve made do without Blake Griffin plenty in the last year or so, but it’s an undeniable bump in the road, and maybe a bit of a reality check. Their long-term expectations are tied to his play. And now, Chris Paul is banged up, too.” – Jeremy Woo


Clippers No. 10 (Last week: No. 9) – “They manage to go nowhere thanks to teams behind them failing to surge enough and their own split of beating San Antonio short-handed and losing to the Lakers in the same spot. Injuries are starting to catch up with them; the season is long, and every team has dips…” – Matt Moore