Matt Barnes Chat Transcript

Former UCLA standout Matt Barnes signed a 10 day contract with the Clippers on January 18th and wasted no time making his presence felt. He grabbed eight rebounds in his first game against Sacramento and then sparked the Clippers with 13 points and 10 rebounds off the bench in a comeback win over Golden State.

His play caused Clippers Head Coach Mike Dunleavy to remark afterwards, "The reason that we picked him was because of how fundamentally sound and smart he is ... he can pass the ball and
put the ball on the floor and make plays."

Barnes, who spent the 2002-03 season in the NBDL with the Fayetteville Patriots, chatted live with fans on Friday, Feb. 6. See Matt's responses to your burning Clippers questions below!

Spencer, Sherman Oaks: Hey Matt, Can you explain the feelings that you got in detail, when you got called up to the NBA?

Matt Barnes: I was very excited. I was sleeping, not feeling well, got up went to the bathroom and saw my phone message blinking and it was a call saying that I was expected at practice the next day. It was real exciting.

Raul Flores, Downey CA: How did you feel when you first stepped on the court against Sacramento in your debut? What was going through your mind? GO UCLA!

Matt Barnes: Being from Sacramento and growing up watching those guys and sometimes playing with them during the summer, it was great. Even though we didn't win, it was a great experience.

Vitaly (Norwalk CT): How do you think you fit into this team nicely?

Matt Barnes: I think I fit in well. We're a young athletic team and I think I can fit in well here. I can do many of the little things needed to win games, and with all the scorers we have here, that is a good fit.

kapihe from hawaii: yo matt you da man. hows life in the nba different from the nbdl?

Matt Barnes: Night and day, as far as how you're treated and perceived by the public. In the NBA you better come to play every night, where in the NBDL the talent level just isn't there and maybe you have guys taking a night off. You can't take a night off in the NBA.

alex (houston): whos your dream person to dunk on in the nba? shaq?

Matt Barnes: Most like to dunk on?...Hmmm. Probably Chris Webber. We're friends and play against each other in the off-season and he always says it will never happen, so I'd like to change that. He'd be good to dunk on.

Noel (Westwood): Hey Matt, I'm glad to see you in a Clipper uniform now. I watched you here at UCLA and you rocked dude. How's it feel to be back at home play for Los Angeles?

Matt Barnes: I was really disappointed to be released by Seattle earlier in the season, but now, it's worked out so much better for me, being in L.A. with the Clippers. Now I'm just going to do everything I can so that I can stick with this team and help us win.

fonzy (Los Angeles): How is your mid-range shot coming along? and would you consider yourself more of a defensive player than an offensive player?

Matt Barnes: First, with the mid-range, I'm working real hard on that in practice. I was a good shooter in college, but it's a different level here in the NBA and I'm working on getting better. As far as my role, we have so many good scores on this team, I think my defensive ability is something that I can bring to help the team. I'll knock down the open jumper when it's there, but I want to get after it on the defensive end.

Simon (Beverly Hills): Hey Matt. Welcome to the NBA. I'm a Clippers Season Ticket Holder and I would like to welcome you to the LA Clippers. Who are you good friends with on the team? And are you still in contact with some of your UCLA Alums? Thanks and good luck tonight!

Matt Barnes: I really get along with everyone. I probably hang out more with Eddie House and Keyon Dooling. I talk with Jason Earl and Dan and Baron when I can from UCLA, but it's hard keeping up with people...even my family. But I get in touch with them when I can.

Annie- Los Angeles: Congratulations Matt on having your chance at playing in the NBA and to Mike Dunleavy for speaking so highly of you.
May you have a long NBA career.
What's been the biggest difference in the pro game and did your UCLA experience prepare you?
I would think it would have.

Matt Barnes: The biggest difference is the talent level, the speed and strength is at a whole different level. At UCLA, I played alot down low and that has helped me with the physical nature of the NBA. I think that's been a help.

Carlos(Whittier): How significant has Coach Dunleavy's teachings been in trying to bring you up to the speed of game at the NBA level in comparison to your experience in college and at the nbdl.

Matt Barnes: He's been very helpful, not only Coach Dunleavy, but the whole staff and my teammates. Everybody is really doing what they can to help me along and it's greatly appreciated.

Djuric (Los Angeles): Hey matt, how does it feel to play alonside Marko Jaric.

Matt Barnes: Marko is a very talented, versatile player. He is great to play with, can shoot and score the ball, defend, rebound. That's about all you can ask for from a teammate.

Jesse J. - Sylmar , Ca.: Now that you have reached the big show and are making a solid contribution to the Clippers, what are your personal goals on the floor for this season?
p.s. I'm glad to see you here in L.A.

Matt Barnes: Hopefully I can sign for the rest of the year, and after that, I just want to help the team in any way possible. I think we can make the playoffs, and I'd love to be a part of that.

Damon (U.K): Can you see the Clippers making the playoffs even in the really tough western conference.

Matt Barnes: I can see us making the playoffs. We're making a nice move now. If we can take care of our homecourt and keeping picking up wins on the road, I think we can get into the playoffs.

Matt Barnes: I'd like to thank everyone for their support, during college and with the Clippers. I hope you keep supporting me and hanging in with me and I think we can have some great times in the future. Also, I'd like to thank everyone who wrote in with questions. Thanks, and come out and watch the Clippers win some games.