Image of Clippers Mailbag 12/22: Austin Rivers Answers Fan Questions

Mailbag 12/22: Austin Rivers Answers Fan Questions

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LOS ANGELES – It’s been a memorable month for Austin Rivers, who got his jersey retired at his high school outside Orlando before dropping a season-high 25 points against the Magic, and is shooting 47.5 percent from 3-point range in December.

This week, Rivers took some time to answer questions from fans, submitted to using “#LACmailbag” on Facebook and Twitter.


Alex Drury – What do you think you’ve improved most at since you entered the league? #LACmailbag

AR: “I think my patience has been the biggest thing. I think I was always in a rush early on in the league. I think I’ve learned to be patient, and to not give what the defense is giving me but to take through my rhythm, through my speed. I think that’s the biggest thing.”

Joshuwa Gensemer – How did it feel to have your jersey retired at your high school? #LACmailbag

AR: “It was one of the most memorable nights I ever had, and it has little to do with the fact my jersey was retired. I think it was more, the fact that I got my jersey retired with my former and current teammates is probably one of the coolest things I think any teammate could have, to see where I’m at now, where I was before, and to have everybody see that was pretty cool.”

Anne Story – What’s your favorite memory of playing at Winter Park? #LACmailbag

AR: “Winning state (titles) with my friends that I grew up with. We didn’t have a prep school…so all those kids I won with, I’ve been friends with since I was in like third grade. We all grew up knowing we were going to high school with each other. To grow up and say, ‘One day we should win states,’ and we won back to back, which no one has ever done before (there), that’s pretty special.”


Luke Mitchell (@lukemitch24)What was your favorite Christmas present ever? #LACmailbag

AR: “I got a motor scooter when I was, like, 12. I wanted one so bad, for whatever reason. I got a motor scooter. Everybody was riding the little Razor scooter and I got a motor one, so I was driving around. I thought I was real cool, so that probably was my favorite gift ever.”

Katy Terry (@kateterry64) – What have you done to improve your 3-point field goal percentage? You’re on fire! #LACmailbag

AR: “Gotten way more shots up. Just been shooting the ball way more, as you just saw. I never did this last year, getting this many shots up, shooting with J.J. (Redick), shooting after J.J., shooting before J.J. I’m trying to shoot more threes than anybody on my team.”

Clips Fan For Life (@StevenYaghoubi) – Did you learn anything from last season’s playoff series going into this year? #LACmailbag

AR: “Always trust your hard work.”