Mailbag 02/09: Raymond Felton

Mailbag 02/09: Raymond Felton

(Editor’s Note: Questions may be edited for grammar, brevity or clarity.)

NEW YORK – Clippers head coach Doc Rivers recently called Raymond Felton a “godsend” and an “absolutely wonderful” addition for the Clippers this year both on and off the floor.

While in New York as the Clippers took on the Knicks, one of Felton’s former teams, Felton took some time to answer questions from fans, submitted to using “#LACmailbag” on Facebook and Twitter. Fans can submit questions about anything. Here’s what he had to say.


Kelli Pomodoro Erickson – What’s the transition been like from Dallas to LA with the Clippers? #LACmailbag

RF: “It’s pretty much the same thing. The NBA’s all about screen-and-rolls, learning how to play within somebody’s system off the ball and learning how to be a pick-and-roll guy. That’s what I am. I think it’s just the same thing, and also just the familiarity, getting used to the organization, playing with guys I already know, a new coach. You be somewhere for two years, you get used to something, and you come to a new team, it’s different at first. But after a while, being in the league 12 years, it’s one of those things you jump on it real quick.”

Du Foo – What was your reaction when you found out that you were going to play with your formal college rival Chris Paul? #LACmailbag

RF: “It’s cool. There’s two of them, actually. I got him and J.J. (Redick) on this team, two big college rivals I played against my whole college career. It was just one of those things that it was exciting. I know what those guys bring to the game. To be beside them and play, it’s like, ‘OK, let’s go get ‘em.’”


Jessica Lingenfelter (@jessicatiara7) – Question from my 9-year-old basketball obsessed son: What is your best shooting advice? #LACmailbag

RF: “It’s all about repetition. It’s all about shooting. A lot of people say your mechanics have to be a certain way, this and that. I think if you shoot enough and you work on the way you shoot and you work on your mechanics, I think that’ll make you a better shooter than people just telling you, ‘You need to shoot with a certain form, shoot this way, shoot that way.’ Some people, like Reggie Miller has an awkward shot, he don’t have a great mechanic shot like a guy like J.J. Redick, but Reggie Miller’s one of the best guys to shoot in this game. It’s all about getting in the gym and working on your shot.”

Sam (@whodatclippers) – Do you have a favorite buzzer beater or clutch shot that you’ve hit? #LACmailbag

RF: Man. There was a few. When I was in Charlotte, I hit a game-winner versus the Wizards. I don’t know…I’ve had a couple game-winners.”

E1 (@E1zPagan) – Felt, you excited to play at the Garden? #LACmailbag

RF: “Of course, it’s always fun to play at the Garden. It’s probably one of the best places to play, just to have fun and enjoy the atmosphere.”

(Aside question) Speaking of the Knicks, how much did it help you here to play for assistant coach Mike Woodson, who was your former coach in New York?

RF: “I know pretty much the whole coaching staff and have a relationship with just about all of them. But definitely having a guy you played for, for two years, and understanding him and knowing him, that helps. We definitely have a relationship.”


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