Mailbag 01/08: Bass Answers Fan Questions

Mailbag 01/08: Bass Answers Fan Questions

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LOS ANGELES – Brandon Bass is seeing more minutes, scoring more points and shooting at a higher percentage, with all three of his double-digit scoring efforts coming after Christmas.

This week, Bass took some time to answer questions from fans, submitted to using “#LACmailbag” on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s what he had to say.


Joshua BoostHow do you feel about the minutes you’re getting now compared to the beginning of the season? #LACmailbag

BB: “It feels good. I just think that it gives Doc another chance to see what I can bring to the team, and it gives my teammates a chance to see what I can bring to the team each and every night.”

Bobby GamacheAt what age did you realize your goal was to reach the NBA? #LACmailbag

BB: “I was probably about 14. I was in high school, a freshman in high school, and I think I grew to be like 6-3. I realized I really wanted to take basketball serious. I felt like I had a chance since I grew about two, two and a half or three inches that year. I was still playing as a big. In eighth grade I was 6’1, then I grew even more.”

Sami Ochieng – Why do you wear No. 30? #LACmailbag

BB: “That was my number in high school. I decided to keep it. I picked it, and I just stuck with it. I don’t think there was really any reason I can remember why I had it.”

Sonja Rideout If you weren’t a professional athlete, what would you see yourself doing? #LACmailbag

BB: “Probably would be making music.”


Jack Berlage (@BerlageJack) – Has anything led to your recent great shooting performances or is it just getting hot at the right time? #LACmailbag

BB: “Opportunity to be out there and play consistently. Just spending extra time in the gym, making sure I’m preparing like I’m going to play every night.”

Lars (@LarsAOYN) – Do you play an instrument? #LACmailbag

BB: “No, I would like to pick up the piano, though.”

cris (@_yungcris)What’s been your best experience as a Clipper? #LACmailbag

BB: “Really just kicking it with my teammates.”


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