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Larry King Predicts Clipper Title On ClipCast

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LOS ANGELES – Larry King’s been a Clippers fan since he moved to Los Angeles 19 years ago.

So, it’s little surprise the longtime television and radio host thinks they’ll do well this year. But, he went a little further than that while talking to the hosts of ClipCast this week.

“I think the Clippers are just special,” King said on the podcast. “There’s something about them. While they have never advanced to the Finals, I have a feeling – just a feeling – that this year’s team is going to win it all. The funny thing, it’s intrinsic, but they’re going to win it all. I have that feeling.”

You can hear the whole ClipCast here, where King talks about his kids choosing to root for the Clippers, how he ended up with the name Larry “King,” wanting to be a sportscaster while growing up and listening to Vin Scully, admiring Ralph Lawler and more.

He also talks about the state of the Western Conference and how he doesn’t believe, despite Golden State’s acquisition of Kevin Durant, that the Warriors are a lock.

“I have a feeling the Clippers are going to win the West,” King said. “They’ve got a greater bench than they’ve had, Blake Griffin will be in good health. Their trio of (DeAndre) Jordan, Griffin and (Chris) Paul, backed up by great shooters, it’s Clipper year. Mark it down.” 


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