Johnson Has Oklahoma City Hotel Ghost Story

Rowan Kavner Digital Content Coordinator

OKLAHOMA CITY – Wesley Johnson can’t remember leaving the water running.

The Skirvin Hilton has long been considered haunted, and when Johnson woke up two years ago at the hotel in Oklahoma City, he couldn’t help but think of the ghost stories as he noticed the bathtub.

“I got up during the night, had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and didn’t see anything,” Johnson said. “I woke up and it was full of water… It was crazy.”

Players around the league have various accounts of ghost stories from the hotel that’s rumored to be haunted. Few Clippers have their own ghost stories from there, though, so Cole Aldrich said he likes to joke with Johnson about that night.

“He woke up to have the bathtub full in the middle of the night,” Aldrich said. “Whether there’s a ghost there or not, I don’t know.”

Johnson said he’s not sure about any ghosts, either, but it’s tough for him to contemplate what happened that night.

Since that occasion two years ago, however, he hasn’t had any similar incidents at the Skirvin.

“I was fine,” Johnson said. “It was random water. It didn’t do anything to me, so I was fine.”

The Clippers typically stay at the Skirvin on their trips to Oklahoma City, and it wasn’t ghosts that stopped them this trip. Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving told multiple reporters he was bitten by bedbugs during his stay in late February, and Hilton Hotels subsequently apologized for the isolated case, according to ESPN.com.

While Aldrich said he wouldn’t oppose staying there in the future, head coach Doc Rivers said the Clippers decided to go elsewhere this trip. That meant no peculiar sounds, supernatural occurrences or oddly full bathtubs Tuesday night, happenings that most Clippers never dealt with in past stays at the Skirvin.

For Aldrich, when it comes to ghost stories, there’s another hotel that comes to mind first.

“I had a (former) teammate that wouldn’t stay at the Pfister in Milwaukee because of the ghost issue,” Aldrich said. “I haven’t had any problems, so the supernatural doesn’t really bother me too much.”