Draft 2004: Lawler’s Mock Draft (6/21)

"The Voice of the Clippers", Ralph Lawler, is checking in with Clippers.com with his predictions on the top 14 picks in the 2004 NBA Draft will play out. Keep following Clippers.com as Draft Day approaches.

Version 3.0 | Posted: June 21st, 2004

Here's a new look to our Mock Draft. The Clippers move from #2 to #4 overall--and add a second rounder--while picking up some cap space as a result of Monday's trade with the Charlotte Bobcats. Look for more deals between now and Draft Day, as better than half the teams with Lottery picks are looking to move up or down on Thursday.

Emeka Okafor

Forward | 6-10 | Connecticut

He's the perfect fit for the Magic and a great foundation for their rebuilding project. They continue to listen to trade offers for the pick--and flirt with Dwight Howard--but Okafor is likely their man. The Tracy McGrady situaion could come into play here. Stay tuned.


Dwight Howard

Forward/Center | 6-11 | SW Atlanta Christian HS

The Bobcats don't much care if it's Okafor or Howard, they are just happy to have #2 and
a guarantee that they'll get one of the top two players in the Draft.


Luol Deng

Forward | 6-8 | Duke

He might be the second coming of Grant Hill and he fills the team’s need at small forward. They worked him out and they loved him. Iguodala is another possibility for the Bulls.


Devin Harris

Guard | 6-3 | Wisconsin

He's a pure point guard, a littler taller than Ben Gordon and more experienced than
Shaun Livingston. He can step in and play right now, but Gordon and Livingston will
be in the mix right up until Draft Day. Whatever---at #4 the Clippers should have their pick of the point guard litter. A little Lottery luck and an excellent trade has the Clippers in a perfect situation to fill a need.


Andre Iguodala

Guard | 6-6 | Arizona

Has been moving up the charts. He's a young Scottie Pippen type who can play several positions and flat-out defend.


Shaun Livingston

Guard | 6-7 | Peoria Central (IL) H.S.

Eighteen year old point guard has star potential. He draws comparisons to a youthful Penny Hardaway. He's gained 20 pounds already, but still needs to add strength. Disappointed in not being able to land Dwight Howard, the Hawks will go after what they consider the "next best thing."


Ben Gordon

Guard | 6-2 | Connecticut

This young man will give the Suns still another scorer. He'll go through a bit of a learning curve in becoming an NBA point guard, but he's a proven winner and a nice fit for the Suns.


Josh Smith

Forward | 6-8 | Oak Hill Academy

Teen prospect might be the best athlete in the draft. Things could be exciting with Smith and Vince Carter on the court at the same time.


Josh Childress

Forward | 6-8 | Stanford

The Sixers discussed moving up in the draft to tab this PAC-10 star, but may not have to. They'll be thrilled if he falls in their lap at #9.


Luke Jackson

Guard | 6-7 | Oregon

He could spend a year playing behind Jeff McInnis before taking over as the starting point guard in the LeBron James back-court for a decade or so.


Pavel Podkolzine

Center | 7-5 | Russia

With Dampier and Foyle having one foot out the door, the Warriors are desperate for a big man. You want big? Pavel's got BIG. He's a 19 year old with the potential to dominate someday, but he's very much a work in progress.


Andris Biedrins

Forward | 6-10 | Latvia

They've not had a good track record in choosing big men. This guy might be a year or two away from really helping, but he's too good for the Sonics to ignore at #12.


Kirk Snyder

Guard | 6-7 | Nevada

They’d really like one of those big Euro centers here, but what's left? There are reports they've made a promise to Snyder that they'll take him here. He has an NBA body and he can make plays and shots.

#14) UTAH

Rafael Araujo

Center | 6-11| BYU

He’ll be perfect in Jerry Sloan’s system. Not a harder worker in college basketball last season. With Greg Ostertag likely gone, he could step right in and start for the Jazz. They have two more picks in the first round, but may fear losing him to Boston if they don't nab him here. Another possibility could be Russia's Sergei Monya.

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