Clippers forward Matt Barnes answers your questions in the January edition of the Mailbag. Submit your question here or use the hashtag #LACMailBag to do so on Twitter.

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Joana Abrantes: One thing I think everyone remembers is the back-and-forth comments between you and Blake [Griffin] before you guys were on the same team. (a) Obviously you are now teammates and friends but how was the first meeting with each other, did you talk with him before being signed and (b) do you guys look back and laugh at the situation? Good to have you back healthy.

(a) “It was good. You know, Blake was someone I called when I was close to signing, you know before I even signed and just explained to him where I was coming from, what I’m about and how I look at my teammates. He understood and respected it. There was never a rift nor a beef between us.”

(b) “We really don’t bring it up. To tell you the truth, it hasn’t really been brought up, like I said before. Before I even signed, him being one of the leaders of the team; he was someone I needed to speak to and just so we can have an understanding. Because you know once your teammates, you won’t have anything in the past kind of rear up and bite you in the butt. You know, it was something we smashed early and it was never a problem.”

George Ramirez (@CarmeloTheGod7): Who has been your favorite coach in your pro career?

“Doc [Rivers] and Phil Jackson.”

Mat Simpkins (@Matsimpkins): What is next for Athletes vs. Cancer? I would love to help/support.

“We’re actually doing a gala this Friday for Versace benefiting my foundation. We try to raise as much money for cancer and we’ve seen what UCLA, teen cancer programs so our goal is to provide scholarships for the people who’ve lost parents to cancer or who survived cancer.”

Breezii B. (@itskindabreezii): What has been the best part of your pro career so far?

“You just have to be determined. You know, hopefully win championship here, that’s everyone’s goal playing professional basketball, so the best part hasn’t happen yet.”

Josh Bonnar (@jeepinJosh): Do you feel your past reputation has caused you to receive a few unnecessary technical fouls and ejections?

“Absolutely! Absolutely! Whoever had that question is…man amazing! Absolutely, a reputation is something earned, whether it be good or bad. You know it’s something I have to work on but absolutely.”

Nathan Clover (@nathclover97): What’s been your favorite part of playing for the Clippers franchise?

“I was here my rookie year and the team was terrible. It was a struggling organization. So, to come back 10 years later and to see the strides they made and the players they picked up, I think the best part is helping turn the franchise around.”

Will Hart: Have you ever been to Australia?

“I have not. I haven’t been down there. I’m supposed to go this summer actually.”

Charlotte Herrera (@flynbl9): Hi Matt, (a) during the offseason, when you are not training, what is one food item that you seem to consume A LOT of cause you know it’s a no-no during game season? (b) Lastly, I noticed that you LOVE to sing. What is your music collection like? (c) Do you like every genre? Thank you Matt…I think you are an amazing human being and phenomenal basketball player. Don’t go anywhere else L.A. Clipper for life!

(a) “Probably fast food overall. I don’t eat fast food during the season. So, I’d just probably say McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell late night runs.”

(b) “I’m a big 2Pac fan, huge 2Pac fan and admire him. So, most of the time when I’m around basketball or involved with basketball it’s 2Pac to kind of get me ready.”

(c) “I don’t have a problem with it. It’s not my favorite but I came from I had friends that had alternative music and rock music so I respect everything but I stick to R&B, rap, hip-hop.”