With their Christmas Day finale against the Denver Nuggets wrapping up a five-game, nearly 12-hour slate of NBA games, the Clippers had a portion of Tuesday morning to spend with their families. A handful of players talked about Christmas after Monday's practice, including their favorite holiday tradition and the best gift they have ever received. Here is what Matt Barnes, Caron Butler, Jamal Crawford, Willie Green and Trey Thompkins had to say: 

Matt Barnes
Favorite holiday tradition: "Opening presents, but now giving presents. Seeing my kids’ faces when they open gifts"

Best present:"A Sega Genesis when I was 9 or 10. It made my life."

Caron Butler
Favorite holiday tradition: “My favorite holiday tradition, I think is just cutting the turkey, whether it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving. Going down stairs, having the dinner and being the man at my house, cutting the turkey that’s always a good feeling. Either that or the youngest child of mine, and the last couple years it’s been somebody different because I have five kids, he or she putting the star on the Christmas tree. That’s always special.”

Best present: “My wife has got me some very, very good ones. The first time I ever got a pedicure. You know, I’m a man’s man and I’m like, ‘I’m not ever going to go get my feet done and rubbed on and all that.’ I went and I really enjoyed it. Now, I’ve got an appointment every week so I love that. That was the best gift she ever got me; at the Red Door Spa and I went and had the time of my life.”

Jamal Crawford
Favorite holiday tradition: “Opening a present when it was 12 a.m., when it wasn’t technically Christmas but it was. I think that’s my favorite tradition. When I was a kid, I’d open at least one gift and I still do it today.”

Best present: “My mom gave me the Dr. J basket. It had his face on it and had the little yellow basketball and you could raise it up and down with the red pole. That was my best gift. Ever. I could play with it the whole time. I watch games on television and it was in the living room and I’d have the basket there, so I’d pretend I was in the game.”

Willie Green
Favorite holiday tradition: "Favorite holiday tradition is making cookies with my family, having a good time with them. Nothing too crazy."

Best present: "A drum set when I was younger. I had to be about 8 and I really wanted a drum set and my parents surprised me."

Trey Thompkins
Favorite holiday tradition: “Cooking dinner. My mom makes turkey, ham, yams, stuffing, macaroni and cheese. She pretty much puts Thanksgiving dinner together again.”

Best present: “A Nerf basketball hoop when I was 7.”