RE: How are you feeling now?

“I’m cool. It’s one of those situations where it could have been worse. I woke up yesterday and was done feeling sorry for myself. [I’ve] got to approach the rehab and get back as soon as I possibly can.”

RE: What was your initial reaction when it [the injury] happened?

“Yeah, I was mad. That’s why I slammed my mouthpiece or what not, because I felt it when it happened. I could sort of hear it, and I knew that it was pretty significant. And I think… The thing that made me mad, too was, I feel like as athletes, you prepare and you do everything possible to try to not get injured. That’s all with preparation, that strength training, that stretching, that’s everything. I think that was the most frustrating part.”

RE: How do you approach the injury? What are the things you’re thinking about?

“Obviously, a lot of my friends and family reached out to me and things like that, and I was talking to J.P. [Jasen Powell], our trainer, about it. Everybody’s like, ‘It’s going to be alright, you’ll come back strong and tougher.’ I’m one of those people that’s like, ‘Right now, it’s not alright.’ Honestly, because I want to play, and I feel like I need to play. You just want to be out there to help your team, but now, it’s about doing everything possible day in and day out to get back. And I always say rehab is a lot harder than playing.”

RE: How do the Clippers win with you out for six weeks?

“Competing, which was the second half of the San Antonio game. I was there, I was in the back. We’re all professionals, and I don’t think I thought about it until this morning but Darren Collison happened to be with me in New Orleans when I got injured last time, so I’m starting to think he’s bad luck or something. But D.C. [Darren Collison] is very capable. Blake [Griffin] has shown [that] with or without me, he’s a dominant force in this league. I’m not worried about us. That’s the thing about our team. Since training camp, we’ve done everything in the case that somebody goes down.”

RE: Do you know what you can or can’t do in terms of cardio, staying in shape so that when your shoulder allows you to play, it won’t take that long?

“Yeah, some of the things. Our training staff is amazing. I think I’ve talked about them since day one, since I got here. J.P., Jasen Powell, our trainer, I talk to him all day, every day when I’m healthy. So now, we’re really talking and communicating about the different steps of the process.”

RE: Is there a silver lining in this?

“I ain’t trying to hear all of that. I want to play and I need to play. Like I said, I’m blessed. Like I said, it could have been worse. So, I’m glad that it isn’t what it could have been, and am grateful and thankful for that. But now, it’s all about attacking the rehab.”

RE: How do you see yourself being part of the team [throughout the rehab process]?

“I’m going to be there every game, sitting out there. I couldn’t sit out there in San Antonio because I didn’t have a blazer, because I wasn’t expecting to get hurt. But, I’ll be there every game, every night, cheering and talking to the guys, but also being respectful because it’s one of those things, that it’s tough to be that voice and that leader when you are in a suit. But, I’ll be there, and try to be as vocal as possible, wherever the guys need me.”

RE: Are you going to go on the long road trip, or would that affect your rehab too much?

“That’ll be something I talk to J.P. [Jasen Powell] about… our trainer. I want to. I definitely want to. If going on the trip prohibits me from doing anything rehab-wise, probably not, but as long as I can do everything on the road, then I want to be there. I want to be at every game, because I feel like, [although] I can’t score a basket, but maybe my voice will help.”

RE: Have you and Darren [Collison] had a conversation [about his role in your absence]?

“No, but I’m telling you, D.C. [Darren Collison] is a grown man, too. I don’t feel like I need to sit him down and say, ‘Hey, this is what you’ve got to do here.’ For me and him, we’ve been talking. Before the San Antonio game, I told him some things that I saw and it’s a different role for him now, too. It’s more minutes; he’s playing with a different group of guys. He understands, but I’ll also be there for him to lean on.”


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