Throughout the Clippers’ weeklong journey in China, will provide an inside look at what players are saying about their experience.

Former Sixth Man of the Year Jamal Crawford is a first-time visitor to China. Here is what he said after shoot-around about what he’s been up to in Beijing, including shopping at the Silk Market, and his expectations for Shanghai (as told by Eric Patten).

Obviously, going to the Great Wall was something that I’ve never experienced. People that I’ve talked to and people that have seen it have all thought it was such a great experience. Hearing about it for so long, I never thought I’d actually see it. And to have the opportunity to go up there is unbelievable, something I’ll never forget.

I’ve gone out a little in Beijing, but we have such a busy schedule that it seems like we’re always doing something: a reception or an NBA Cares event. And all that stuff is wonderful, but we haven’t had much time to wander out and see the city.

Yesterday, though, we went to the Silk Market and that was fun. I’ve never seen anything like that as far as people being aggressive and all the things they have and how many people there are and how nice the people are. It’s unbelievable. It still kind of bugs me out a little bit. I mean, man, we are really in a different part of the world. I’ve been to the Bahamas, but I’ve never really been out of the country.

At the Silk Market, I bought a suit. It was $80 and they tailored it in five minutes and everything. I got that and I was able to get a lot of stuff at the Great Wall to take back to my family. Everything’s on the trip has been good. I would have wanted to wander the streets a little bit more in Beijing, but other than that I think seeing the sights by driving and stuff like that has been really, really good. Just even thinking about it, it is so surreal to know that we’re on the other side of the world. I mean, wow, we’re practicing in China, that’s weird to me.

I heard that there are a lot of motorcycles in Shanghai, even more motorcycles than there are cars. I heard that it’s really fast, kind of like Vegas or New York. That’s one thing I’m excited to see. We’re only there for a couple days, but this whole experience is one I’ll never forget. And I’ll be able to keep the memories and all the souvenirs and stuff.