Throughout All-Star Weekend Clippers Insider Eric Patten will be talking to players and coaches about the Clippers. Here is part three of the 2014 edition of the Clipboard, featuring comments from Western Conference All-Stars Kevin Durant, Kevin Love and LaMarcus Aldridge as well as Eastern Conference All-Star John Wall.  

Washington Wizards guard John Wall on striving to reach the level of Chris Paul:

"Yeah, definitely. To be known as the best point guard in the league and having talks of being an NBA All-Star and the MVP in the game, and all the things he has done in his career so far, yeah definitely, you want to look at the things he has done and try to improve your game as a player to try and reach what he has done.”


Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant on Jamal Crawford’s impact on the Clippers:

“Yeah man, role players, guys like Jamal…they’re very important to an organization. Blake and Chris, you know what they’re going to bring to the table. But, just to have another punch, a guy that can go off and score 30 any night in Jamal, gives them another dimension to their team, especially off the bench. He’s important. Darren Collison is important. Matt Barnes is important. All of those guys are. When you have a team that’s trying to win a championship, just two guys can’t do it. The whole team has to, and Jamal is one of those guys that have done a great job for the Clippers. Hopefully, he has a bad second half of the season, selfishly. But, I love Jamal; he’s like a big brother to me. I’m excited. I’m glad he’s playing well. He definitely deserves Sixth Man of the Year.”


Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love on Blake Griffin’s improvement:

“He’s been great. He’s been a guy that’s elevated his game to the next level. Chris Paul went out, and he took kind of the reins of the team and got all of those veteran players to play together. He was the star on the team throughout that entire time. So, you’ve got to admire what he’s done, because he’s continued to improve. A lot of people have said that he’s a one-dimensional player, but if you look at what he does now, you can’t say that anymore.”


Portland Trail Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge on Jamal Crawford’s Sixth Man of the Year candidacy:

“Definitely right now. He’s been playing great for them and now, he’s starting, so that’s tough. But, I think he’s been big for them.”

Notes: Quotes transcribed by Brandon Ehrlich.



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