Throughout All-Star Weekend Clippers Insider Eric Patten will be talking to players and coaches about the Clippers. Here is part two of the 2014 edition of the Clipboard, featuring comments from Eastern Conference All-Stars Joe Johnson, DeMar DeRozan and Joe Johnson as well as Western Conference All-Star Tony Parker and Thunder guard Reggie Jackson.

Brooklyn Nets guard Joe Johnson on Chris Paul’s best attribute:

“How he’s able to dominate you know, in late game [situations]. It seems like he kind of facilitates early in the first three quarters, getting everybody involved, and getting into the fourth, he just kind of takes over. So, you know, he’s arguably the best point guard in the game right now.


Toronto Raptors forward DeMar DeRozan on the Clippers’ emergence as a contender:

"It’s definitely a cool sight to see, me growing up in L.A. and always just only two teams I used to watch was either Lakers or Clippers. And the Clippers were bad. And now, to see where they are now is definitely amazing because they’re one of the hottest teams. They’re one of the most exciting teams in the league."


Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving on Chris Paul’s influence:

“I definitely watch CP a lot. I’ve been a fan since I was about 13 or 14. Watching that guy play, watching that guy compete, whether it was at Wake Forest, or it was in the league. You have no choice but to learn or sit back and just watch. I mean, he’s a great player.


Oklahoma City Thunder guard Reggie Jackson on the competitiveness of the Western Conference:

“It’s fun. Teams bearing down, grinding each and every game out, trying to figure out ways to win. It’s fun to see the race. Not just the race at the top, but also one through eight. Figuring out seeding, possibly; or figuring out who’s going to be in the playoffs or who’s not makes every game you play that much more important, or that much more fun. Every game matters. Especially, like you said, with the competition in the West. You never know how far you can jump up or jump down. So, great players, great competition, always having fun with it, and just trying to figure out ways to win.”


San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker on point guards in the NBA:

“I always thing we’re in the golden age of point guards. There are great in the League; a lot of great point guards. This is why it’s such an honor to be an All-Star and to be with the best point guards, and to play with them. And, it’s getting harder and harder every year. You know, Steph [Curry] and Damian [Lillard] are pushing you. They’re really, really good and they’re already some of the best point guards. And me, it was funny because I arrived with Steve Nash, you know, Gary Payton and Jason Kidd. Those were the best point guards in the League, and I tried to make my way through; and then [Chris Paul] arrived. And now, you’ve got all of the young point guards. So, in like five, ten years, I can say, ‘Man, I’ve played with all of those great point guards, and against them every night. It’s fun.”

Notes: Quotes transcribed by Brandon Ehrlich.



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