image of 24 Seconds With … Doc Rivers | 12/13/16

24 Seconds With … Doc Rivers | 12/13/16

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This weekly series from features a Q&A with Clippers players, coaches, alumni or those tied somehow to the Clippers’ organization. The next edition features head coach Doc Rivers.

LOS ANGELES – Head coach Doc Rivers’ Clippers snuck out a win Monday night against the Trail Blazers to earn a regular season sweep of Portland.

Before the game, Rivers was asked about a variety of subjects, from injury updates to his thoughts on experimenting with more officials in the D-League, and after the game he assessed where the Clippers need to go from here after a two-game win streak.

Here’s some of what he had to say during his media sessions.

The D-League has talked about using four or five referees in a game. What do you think of that concept and is it something you’d want to try here?

DR: “Being in a committee, we’ve heard it. I just like that you use the D-League just to try anything to see if it makes our league better. We thought about going to two. I like two, I got away with more, personally. The third guy caught me (laughs). I know the four are what they more are going to experiment with. They’re trying to figure out the position, where to put him. It may be good… let’s see. I don’t really care, as long as it’s well-officiated.”

How’s Austin Rivers doing, and will he go on the trip?

DR: “He’s doing better. He will go on the trip. He passed two tests today that will at least allow him to travel. As far as playing, we don’t know yet. He still has several tests. Once you get put in the protocol, you have a lot of steps to take. So, he has more steps to take.”

Where have you seen the evolution of J.J. Redick’s skills, beyond shooting?

DR: “It’s more he puts the ball on the floor. It’s funny, I always thought he could a little bit. Coach K (Mike Krzyzewski) always told me that as well, and J.J. always told me that, I must say. It may be more me, I didn’t trust it enough. But in pick-and-roll, he’s very good. I would say in this year more than in years past, we’ve put him in those situations. That’s probably growth for him, but I would say in this case it may be growth from the coach. I just trust him more now doing that.”

(Postgame) Where do you see the Clippers needing to improve most after the last few weeks?

DR: “Transition D is number one, always. I think that’s where we slipped the most, and then our on-ball and our weak-side defense. We had a stretch where we were getting steals and getting our hands on the ball. Our deflections have been way down, so, those are the areas we’re going to focus on.”