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24 Seconds With Blake Griffin - 4/20/16

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This weekly series from features a Q&A with Clippers players, coaches, alumni or those tied somehow to the Clippers’ organization. The next edition features power forward Blake Griffin.

LOS ANGELES – Blake Griffin surprised head coach Doc Rivers with how strong he’s felt after every game since his return in April, and that hasn’t changed in the postseason.

Griffin came out of Game 1’s win Sunday feeling fine after scoring 19 points, pulling down 12 rebounds and recording six assists while making the game as nightmarish as possible on Portland’s Mason Plumlee.

It was Griffin’s best performance since his return, and he continues to look better with each passing game. Prior to Wednesday’s Game 2 matchup, Griffin spoke to the media this week about how he’s feeling and the series against the Trail Blazers.

Was there any soreness in your quad the day after the game?

BG: “No, it actually felt better the day after the game than the day of the game. It’s encouraging, haven’t had any problems or any setbacks.”

Has that surprised you at all, how good you’ve felt after every game?

BG: “A little bit. Our training staff and everyone involved has done a great job. It’s like an all-day, everyday thing. They’ve put me in this position to be ready to play, so it’s a credit to everybody that’s had a hand in it.”

What do you think about what Jamal Crawford’s done this year, earning his third Sixth Man award?

BG: “Jamal’s impact on our team goes so far beyond what you can even actually see – it’s the things in the locker room, the calming presence on the bench, the steady hand. In a lot of ways, this award means so much to guys in this position. A lot of these guys are sixth men who could go anywhere and probably start on a lot of teams. You look at James Harden, getting Sixth Man in Oklahoma City, he goes to Houston and he’s a star, their best player. I think we, as a team, value Jamal so much. But it’s great to see him get that recognition from other people for his impact on our team.”

After a dominant Game 1 win, do you try to tweak anything or wait for them to prove they can beat what you threw at them?

BG: “We make tweaks, but I think it’s a fine line, and I think our coaching staff does a great job of not over-tweaking. You stick with things you really like, you stick with things we feel good about and things that were our game plan coming in and then you correct the mistakes you made or maybe a play that kept giving us trouble. So, we’ve made several adjustments, but overall, our idea and our game plan stays the same with just minor adjustments.”

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