Military Hero - Shameice Fischer - U.S. Army

Military Hero - Shameice Fischer - U.S. Army

05.09.21 Military HeroShameice Fischer - U.S. Army

Shameice Fischer is a hero.

Shameice has led by example every step of her life, and that has never been more apparent than with her work during the pandemic.

Shameice is a Major in the U.S. Army, working as a Physician Assistant at Fort Carson, Colorado. She is the Primary Care Manager for about 900 soldiers and is responsible for patient care and the medical planning and coordination they require.

Since the pandemic started, Shameice has cared for patients at Fort Carson day and night. If one of her patients tested positive at midnight, she would receive a call so she could immediately begin contact tracing.

Shameice is resilient.

“COVID has been very stressful on medical providers,” she says. “It’s rewarding, but it’s definitely a lot on you mentally and physically.”

That’s how she describes working through the pandemic — the patient care, the critical planning, the late nights, the never-ending to-do lists, the constant exhaustion.

Shameice has worked through combat zones, moving through the ranks serving as Medical Logistics Officer/Brigade Plans Officer to Task Force Physician Assistant/Medical Officer. She has cared for service members during multiple deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and a three-year tour in Korea.

“I thought deployment would be the hardest thing that I would have to go through,” Shameice says of her military career. “Especially where we were, we got some people that were pretty badly injured… Once the pandemic hit, I don’t think anyone realized how much it would affect everything.”

In addition to her work, Shameice’s husband Chris is an electronic maintenance technician in the Army. They are both on active duty. They have two children, an 11-year-old son, and a nine-year-old daughter. As a wife and mother, Shameice has also experienced what many parents have gone through during this time — the household bubble, not being able to hug the kids after work, the homeschooling, the time away from her mother who lives nearby, not to mention managing two military careers.

Shameice has now been heavily involved in the rollout of the vaccine to her soldiers, which is a time-consuming process, but a huge relief. The military is continuing to maintain tight restrictions as more vaccines are distributed.

“It’s definitely nice to not have to be so scared when you go out,” she says. “We still have to be smart and try to minimize your exposure no matter how good the numbers might be looking today.”

Shameice is accomplished.

Shameice has two bachelor’s degrees, two master’s degrees, and is currently involved in Intermediate Level Education. She went through a highly selective process to be part of ILE, which is a program for those who want to become higher-level military leaders.

“Especially as a PA, we’re typically not seen as strategic leaders because we are in the clinics taking care of people. It really does set you apart and give you that sense that they see something in you and they want to invest in you so that you can be a good military leader,” she says of ILE.

Shameice is halfway through a four-month condensed course. After the course, she goes to a field hospital to serve as the Operations Officer. She will plan everything for the unit from deployments to missions. This particular unit goes on a lot of COVID missions, so her work with the virus will continue.

Shameice has received 12 military awards recognizing her outstanding service, including a Meritorious Service Medal, an Army Commendation Medal, a National Defense Service Medal, and an Overseas Service Ribbon.

Shameice is proud.

Shameice Fischer comes from a military family — her father was in the Army, her paternal grandfather was in the Army, her husband was in the Army when they met. As someone who values history and tradition, to be able to carry on the legacy of her family was important.

Her father, E-5 SGT Curtis Logan, was her hero.

“I could go and talk to him about anything, and he was very good at grounding me, if I was overly upset about something or disappointed in something... He was always that person that I would go to and he would talk me through things. He was like my voice of reason.”

In 2019, Shameice was promoted to Major. It’s the proudest moment of her military career so far, not only because of the huge personal accomplishment but also because it was something her father wanted for her just as much as she wanted it for herself.

Her father had been diagnosed with lung cancer and this would be the last of Shameice’s accomplishments that he would witness.

“He was able to be there and it was actually nine days after that he passed away. He held on for that and I was proud that he was able to see that achievement.”

Shameice is humble, determined, and a Clippers fan.

No question, Shameice got her love of sports from her father. He was a huge basketball fan. Growing up, she doesn’t remember a day without her father screaming at whatever game was on TV, or the two of them getting outside and putting up shots together.

She credits her husband Chris for bringing the Clippers into her life. Being from outside of LA, Chris is a huge Clippers fan. It started with watching games together, and little did Shameice know how much the team would come to mean to her.

The Clippers is the only team where their fandom aligns. As a result, the Clippers are associated with big milestones in their lives. In 2010, Shameice took Chris to a game for his first father’s day when their son was three months old. For their anniversary in 2015, they went to San Antonio to see the Clippers play the Spurs in the playoffs. They are raising their children to be fans. When they didn’t have cable while deployed, Shameice and Chris would FaceTime and watch games together through the screens.

“That’s one thing that we have that we both love, that we have an emotional connection to,” Shameice says of Chris and the team. “It definitely keeps us bonded, something that’ll always bring us joy even if things aren’t so great at the moment.”

As their family continues to move around the world as duty calls, they look to the Clippers to help them find their people in a new place.

“If you find another Clippers fan, you’re instantly bonded,” Shameice laughs, “Clippers fans are so loyal.”