Injury Report: Hawes Clears Up Knee Rumor

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LOS ANGELES – Spencer Hawes didn’t hear the rumor until he got a phone call.

“My financial advisor called me and told me I was out for the season,” Hawes said. “No, no, no, that’s not the case.”

Hawes refuted a report Wednesday that he could be out for the year with his knee injury, but the bone bruise is actually healing well and Hawes said he’s now able to walk without a limp.

“I don’t know where it came from, but they got the source wrong,” Hawes said. “Stuff like that seems like it always happens, so I wasn’t too worried about it.”

Hawes missed Wednesday’s game against the Pacers, and while he doesn’t believe the injury will end his season, he added that there’s no set timetable right now.

“It’s progressing, though,” Hawes said. “It’s going the right direction. That’s what I’m most encouraged by. The range of motion’s better, the pain’s going down. It’s responding to everything we’ve done treatment-wise and what we’ve done to try to test it out. Walking easier, got rid of my limp, so things are looking up.”


Hawes was the only Clippers player physically unable to play Wednesday, but he’s not the only one battling an injury.

Jamal Crawford’s played through an inflamed bursa sac in his shooting elbow, which he described as a weird feeling.

“There’s nothing I can really do,” Crawford said. “I can treat it and all that. There’s fluid in it. It’s just weird.”

Crawford said the swelling has subsided and it’s not as painful as it a bizarre feeling.

“It’s just like your touch, you can’t really feel where everything is,” Crawford said. “But it’ll come. It’ll pass.”

Rivers said the Clippers missed Spencer Hawes’ presence Wednesday, as they squeaked out a two-point win at home against the Pacers. As for Crawford, he’s gutting out the elbow injury and trying to help any way he can.

Crawford had an 0-for-6 night Monday against the Pistons but added seven assists. The shooting got back on track Wednesday, as he went 4-for-7 and made his only 3-point attempt.

“I’ve never honestly looked at myself as a guy who just scores,” Crawford said. “That’s just me. I think I know my game better than most people.”


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