Why did you choose to build your new arena in Inglewood?

The Clippers and Inglewood share a common bond. The team and the city have both been viewed as the underdogs and at many points in their history – the critics have counted them out. But both also share similar values and a similar heart. They share character, grit, creativity and a commitment to community.

With an NFL stadium on the way, and a new residential, retail and entertainment center, it only makes sense that we would want to build our new home in Inglewood. Location, weather, proximity to LAX, civic energy – Inglewood has all of these qualities, and more.

The 26-acre campus will be located on the southeast corner of Century Boulevard and Prairie Avenue, about three miles east of LAX.

The Inglewood Basketball & Entertainment Center is designed to include an 18,500-seat world-class arena, a full-time corporate L.A. Clippers headquarters building, the team training facility, a sports medicine clinic, community courts, park spaces, educational facilities, restaurants and shops. It will make Inglewood the full-time home of the Clippers.

The new arena will be 100 percent privately funded and privately capitalized. No public dollars will be used for this project.

Environmental sustainability is at the core of the design. The arena project will be built using state-of-the-art environmentally friendly technology and sustainable construction practices – providing additional environmental benefits to the region.

It will be LEED Gold certified and achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions through a combination of carbon offset credits and sustainable design features, including solar panels for maximum energy efficiency. The 700-kilowatt photovoltaic solar system will have the capacity to generate more than 1,000,000 kWh per year.

The City of Inglewood and related municipal entities own more than 80 percent of the land identified by the L.A. Clippers as the proposed project site. The project will transform mostly vacant, unused land under the flight path of LAX aircraft into vibrant community uses. Building this world-class project with a minimal amount of disruption has always been a top priority.

The proposed project site is not suitable for development of housing of any kind. It is located directly under the LAX flight path and is affected by aircraft noise that is not compatible with residential uses. Most of the parcels within the project site were acquired by the City through Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) noise mitigation grants that preclude future use of those parcels for residential purposes. The L.A. Clippers arena project is the best use of this land.

This project is about more than basketball so we want to make sure it provides benefits to residents who may not even care about sports or ever attend a game. We believe that by working together with the city, its residents and business owners, Inglewood will become an even better, cleaner, safer city that is economically, culturally and academically stronger than it is today. Many will also directly benefit from jobs, investment, or support that comes through the community benefits package we are discussing with the city.

The Environmental Impact Report will address these issues in detail, but we have a keen understanding of Inglewood’s traffic patterns, and the city’s history of being able to manage traffic at large events. All through the ‘80s, ‘90s and even in its most recent history, the City hosted events simultaneously at the Forum and Hollywood Park. Crowds of 17,505 packed the Forum for some of the most exciting basketball the NBA had to offer along with over 40,000 fans enjoying horse racing at the same time. The City had the forethought back then to create a street grid with wide thoroughfares (Century, Prairie, Manchester) and incorporate the first-of-its-kind synchronized intelligent traffic system. We are very interested in smart, forward-looking planning that envisions how our transportation modes are changing as well – for instance understanding the needs of autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, ride-sharing, and personal mobility devices.

The City of Inglewood has started its environmental review process for the proposed project, which includes several opportunities for the public to make comments, either verbally or in writing. Additionally, the L.A. Clippers plan to host many community meetings that will give members of the public an opportunity to give their input on the proposed arena project. To stay informed, sign up here.


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