Hot Seat: Find out what rookie Jerome Robinson learned from Russell Westbrook and his thoughts on being a first round pick

by Clippers Digital

After being drafted, Jerome Robinson answered questions from the media in New York. brings you his responses as Clipper Nation gets to know one of the newest Clippers.

Going to the Clippers, a dream come true. It's exciting, being in L.A., being with the Clips and being able to learn from a guy like Doc (Rivers) and Jerry (West) I think is huge.

Jerome Robinson

Q:How were you able to escape North Carolina and get up to New England? That takes courage.

JR:Yeah, I was never really recruited by those guys. I mean, it's tough growing up in that area being a fan.

Q:Even NC State?

JR:Yeah, being a fan of the Triangle, it was tough. I just kind of stuck with it, kept believing and kept working. Boston College gave me my opportunity, and I ran with it.

Q:I saw that you worked out with Russell Westbrook last summer. Do you plan on working out with him again, and what did you learn from working out with him?

JR:Yeah, we had the same trainer, so our workouts overlapped. Getting to watch him and learn from him and ask him questions and stuff like that was huge. I mean, like not physically working out with him, but same idea, same kind of things. Just soaking it in and being a sponge from a guy like that, an MVP, that's not something you get to see and talk to every day.

Q:What's the most valuable thing you learned from him?

JR:Just kind of find your game and being great at it. That was something we talked about. Just different things that he saw being in the NBA and his transition and things that everybody goes through. He was giving me a heads up so I see them coming before I get blindsided with certain things.

Q:How does it feel to be the first lottery pick in Boston College history?

JR:It's exciting, man. I just really worked and believed in it. I'm really at a loss for words. It's awesome.

Q:You were an under-the-radar guy even during the college season. When did you realize that it was possible that you would be a first-round pick, and pretty high at that?

JR:Yeah, I would say once the year was wrapping up with Coach talking to me and different things like that. Then I had my end-of-year meeting with Coach, and he was like, not really kicking me out the door, but he's like, "You had a great year, and you're definitely going to be a first-round pick."


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